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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (2.48 KB)
MD5: c8fd9b31e9895c63fc7777228830a3f2
For Mac OS X
This software is still available for purchase
Guides on emulating older applications

Architecture: PPC

You must be 10' 1" to ride.


fogWraith's picture
by fogWraith - 2020, September 9 - 8:09am

Humor aside, while it's simple enough to have a placeholder image where there is no uploaded image yet, having it being an obvious target for another, specific site isn't really cool.

Don't get me wrong, I completely get it and fully understand, though I don't think it's up for discussing here in the comments section, a forum topic would be more appropriate.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, September 9 - 8:01am

Nah, I don't care that they have items from here and or vice versa. It's the methods they used that wasn't very nice. Scrapers hog bandwidth. No one should be using them but they do if they can get away with it.

I think that MR has stopped this practice, or at least I haven't notice their scraping activity in a while. So maybe it's not so bad if they can keep it (not scraping) up. Scratch that. I'm dreaming if I think they've stopped. That-ben is the worst offender.

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, September 9 - 8:00am

We'll tell their parents - what else? Smile

Improbable humor aside, this was, as previously mentioned, a joke script intended for three purposes. To be funny for users watching it run (especially for the folks at MacRumors), to be funny for people who view its banner when it inevitably ends up on MR, and so that other people could reuse the banner on all new uploads as part of the included screenshots, which if spread far enough, might actually make a difference.

Who knows, maybe fogWraith could even make it a default inclusion when adding a new app or game.

lilliputian's picture
by lilliputian - 2020, September 9 - 7:27am

I feel like this is beating a dead horse a bit. We know this has happened, but what exactly are we expecting to happen should they be caught red-handed, in this instance?

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, September 9 - 3:39am

I have noticed that it also does not collect description contents. All of my uploads here lacked their original description when they showed up on MR.

So on top of plagiarism, they can't even boast a competent scraping algorithm that captures the page's entirety.

Meanwhile, the folks at the Internet Archive have been doing literally just that for 25+ years.

What a terrible website. What sucks is not that they exist, but that people keep going there and giving them all the credit and reference. And even then, there wouldn't be anything at all wrong with that if they just provided all the downloads without any strings attached, and credited their original hosting locations. Given that, they would even be an asset to software preservation efforts, because they would serve as another failsafe in the event the Garden goes down.

Why does the world always have to work like this?

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2020, September 8 - 11:45pm

part of an experiment to prove that Macintosh Repository scrapes Macintosh Garden for new content

I deduced that a scraper has been used in the past to grab software and re-upload to MR.
You can put your detective hat on while I outline the evidence...

Exhibit #1: Here's our page for Adobe Photoshop 5.x Technical Notes Observe that it only contains a PDF for downloading - which is what this page is meant to be (technical notes as PDF). This page is one that I created and the screenshot is also one I made.

Exhibit #2: Here's the MR page for Adobe Photoshop 5.x Technical Notes containing only a screenshot (mine) and the copied title. Scroll down in the page to observe this comment: "There's no download available for this software yet. If you've got a copy of that software, upload it now!"

Conclusion: If the MR uploader had been scraping the MG manually, he would know why there was no software to download from that page it was lifted from. As it is a page for a written PDF manual, only.

For me this is the proof that scraping tools were used to grab goodies from the MG. Notably, that this particular scraping mechanism is only interested in the software downloads and screenshots from our pages, and the title.
That is, it does not collect manuals from the PDF download links...

z970's picture
by z970 - 2020, September 8 - 8:36am

It isn't dangerous at all. It's a joke script, born out of a parodied running gag on the MacRumors PowerPC forum. It does not modify the system in any way, shape, or form, but serves to only entertain the user by what it has been told to display onscreen after a periodic time interval, which makes it look like it's doing something, when it's actually not. Reviewing the script contents with TextEdit will verify this. echo tells the system to repeat back a given string, sleep tells the system to wait for a specified amount of time before continuing onto the next command, and clear scrolls down a page, which naturally carries the effect of "clearing" the terminal window of all prior activity. Having been involved with the creation process of both, the way it runs is actually more akin to a stop motion animation than a traditional command script, believe it or not.

In general, scripts that do not require authentication to run are completely harmless, as thanks to how UNIX systems are built, they are incapable of modifying anything at the system-level because the system will block it when it lacks the permissions. The fact that it never asks for your password before running further confirms this, because it is literally incapable of just going around, doing whatever it wants.

It is categorized under "Novelties & Fun", after all.

Besides that, it was also made to serve the purpose of being a dummy application, as part of an experiment to prove that Macintosh Repository scrapes Macintosh Garden for new content, which is clarified here:

This has been a suspicion of many for a long time, and as far as I'm aware, this is now the first attempt being made to outright prove it, hence the attached disclaimer in the screenshot box.

macanalista's picture
by macanalista - 2020, September 8 - 5:25am

No read me nor manual, no functionality described. Danger

macanalista's picture
by macanalista - 2020, September 7 - 10:27pm

How to undo the changes?