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Virtual Super Wild Card

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MD5: 8a7a33fcd2e854de5d26d6e5f49a9aaf
For Mac OS 9
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Virtual Super Wild Card is a Super Nintendo emulator for MacOS and for DOS.

VSWC has now been integrated into Snes97. Snes97 provides much greater compatibility and better speed than VSWC. VSWC is no longer being developed as a separate product. As such, all the shareware restrictions have been removed from this version.

Registered users should note that there is a 90% chance that free upgrades will be provided to Snes97 should Snes97 become shareware at any stage, so you should hold on to your current VSWC Registration Codes.

Register is still bundled with the program should you feel like donating money to us, however VSWC has now been rereleased as unsupported freeware. Special thanks is due to all those who paid for VSWC when it was Shareware.

Richard Bannister
Ernesto Corvi
14th of April 1997

Architecture: PPC

PPC 601/603/604, Mac OS 9