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[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (251.79 MB)
MD5: 220fd920f34b26586c14ca70bcd4df44
For System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

This disc contains hundreds of great programs from the University of Michigan’s Internet archive — one of the world’s most popular Macintosh sites! You get the latest in home, business and educational applications, as well as games and development tools.
The intuitive interface will make it easy for you to find the program you’re looking for. This disc has something for the Macintosh newcomer as well as for the experienced power user.

Architecture: 68k


Gary's picture
by Gary - 2016, August 4 - 2:08pm

I haven't used Resedit for a LONG time.But I remember Resorcerer being fussy about locking the resource fork.

I want to say that it look several tries to get the action to "stick". That is, After locking and closing the file, opening it back up again would reveal an unlocked fork - like I hadn't done anything to the file iun the first place.

Bear in mind that I haven't tried to manipulate this bit for many years now and my memory may be a bit foggy.


lutefisky's picture
by lutefisky - 2016, August 3 - 3:03am

In my googling I found some similar threads on files with "strange" names that were hard to delete and they suggested moving them out of the trash but two of the files stayed, and try as I might I couldn't move them out. They would copy but no key combination would move them. I was about to look for a 3rd party solution but I ran across the suggestion to use an old Mac OS to delete the files on my current drive in target disk mode. And seeing how that worked I didn't need to progress to your solution. Good to know there's more than one way to skin this cat, as they say...

Glad to hear back from someone on this, and thanks for your efforts and explanation.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2016, August 2 - 1:12am

@lutefisky: As an experiment I mounted the UMICH image in Mac OS X 10.6 - The Finder informed me there could be issues with mounting this image and asked if I wished to proceed. I OK'd it.

I copied the entire contents of the mounted CD image into a folder on the HD. Moved the folder to the Trash and clicked "Empty Trash". Of the entire CD content, there were problems deleting the following application files, with an error message that file "x" could not be deleted because "it was in use":

  • Kant Generator Pro
  • Suitcase Updater 2.1.4p3
  • Quick BlackJack
  • Lose Your Marbles
  • Jotto ][

I allowed deletions to continue, skipping those files above. When it was finished I moved the folder containing the remaining files, back into the HD.

I then used the freeware utility app called "EasyFind" to remove the remaining files permanently. EasyFind has a nifty "Destroy" command that I use on problem files. I could then move the folder back to the Trash and delete it normally.

I use an earlier Universal version of EasyFind which is no longer available from their website, so may add this tool to the MG shortly.

There are issues with those above files and the Finder found it wasn't even able to eject the mounted Toast image normally, — I logged out and back in again from the Mac session to clear it, rather than force it.

None of the above files were locked or "in use" BTW.


if the file has its resource fork locked (Resorcerer or Resedit can do that), the file is way harder to remove/delete.

I hadn't struck that issue before, so on a classic OS (with ResEdit) I tried locking the resource forks on some apps I was about to delete anyway. But I was unable to detect any difficulty with Finder deletion (I wasn't even challenged by a "file is locked" message) and those files emptied from the Trash quietly.

Gary's picture
by Gary - 2016, August 1 - 6:06pm

Finder's "lock" can be over ridden by holding the Option key down when selecting "Empty the trash".

But if the file has its resource fork locked (Resorcerer or Resedit can do that), the file is way harder to remove/delete.


fogWraith's picture
by fogWraith - 2016, August 1 - 3:29pm

Aren't they just locked then? I've had similar issues with some disks where files could be trashed but not removed, turns out they were just locked.

lutefisky's picture
by lutefisky - 2016, August 1 - 3:26pm

WARNING - There are some files in this CD which have unusual filenames. These files cannot be deleted on later versions of OS X (Yosemite) either by emptying the trash or through the terminal. It's not a permission issue nor is can they be renamed. They literally get stuck in the trash. I had to put my machine into Target Disk Mode and connect it to a machine running OS X 10.5 and terminal delete the files there. Otherwise, the rest of the files work as advertised. FYI.