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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Small utility to both apply and build "ips" patch files, this "UIPS" is native PPC and probably works in every version of OS X for PowerPC back to the beginning.

An "ips" patch is a list of differences that exist between two files, one file being an original source and the other its target destination. If the differences are small then it is economical to keep the patch in storage rather than two (or more) full length versions. These patches are also popular among the romfile mod community as a means to avoid redistributing copyrighted material alongside their modifications.

This particular program is nice for supporting the earliest PPC OS X versions, but unfortunately lacks the ability to drag and drop filenames or their icons. Most programs lack this feature anyway.

You should examine the patches created by other people and programs, using a hexeditor, to look for comments at their endings. More recent patcher programs allow comments but this one named UIPS (not to be confused with the "UPS" patching format which isn't supported here) doesn't allow extra material at the end of a patch. "IPS" patches are supposed to start with the 5 character ascii word "PATCH" and then end with the 3 character ascii word "EOF" meaning End Of File. Delete any characters beyond "EOF" in a patch file for this program to work properly. The source object file must also exactly match what was intended, and there are no built in checks against using an incompatible source.

See also: "IPSMac" (for the Classic OS) and "MultiPatch" for more modern OS X with added formats beyond just "ips". Also, the ".ebp" (EarthBound patch) is or may be the same as an ".ips" file, potentially just renamed.

Architecture: PPC

OS X all PowerPC


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by Jatoba - 2020, April 16 - 4:27pm

Niiiiiice, really appreciate knowing there are IPS options on Mac out there. Funny timing, too, as less than a week ago I applied the 1999 English Patch for the Famicom game Final Fantasy III, but before then, it had been years since I did anything that at all involved this format.