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Top Honors

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MD5: 6ac674a2e098a906727c1ad5d43350b2
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac

First-class laser awards, diplomas and certificates.
Top Honors is the premier program for creating professional awards and certificates worthy of framing. The difference shows in the output. Top Honors utilizes PostScript laser printing technology to bring you first-class awards without the expense of conventional typesetting and printing.

Uncompromising flexibility in design.
The built-in ease and flexibility of Top Honors lets you create any type of certificate you want. Start with a pre-designed certificate template (portrait or landscape). Then, simply click on each design element you want in your certificate. You will get a full range of choices in borders, seals, graphics, font formats and sizes. You provide the words and the program does the rest. You can move elements or change them at any time.

Bonus laser font included.
A certificate program isn't complete without the classic Old German font. You get it FREE with Top Honors.

- Springboard Software catalog

Version: 1.02

Architecture: 68k

Requires System 4.2 or above, Finder 6.0 or above, PostScript printer access.