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Toast 6 Titanium

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Toast-6-Titanium-2003.sit (94.94 MB)
MD5: 953e43bdc0aa8307194fd0554be207e2
For Mac OS X
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (15.93 MB)
MD5: 9596685393d5a44eb3747e90fbd00008
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Toast 6 Titanium is the industry standard for CD & DVD burning on Mac OS X. Create and share music, video, photos and data on CD or DVD faster and easier than ever before. Toast is the easiest to use and most reliable CD and DVD recording software for the Mac OS. Toast supports the most disc types, the most recorders, and is the simplest way to create and copy data, audio, photo and video discs.

Excerpt: Roxio FAQ (Web Archive).


Data Made Safe, Copies Made Simple

• Back up folders and files to CD, DVD, network, or Web storage, automatically.
• Compress your data up to 50% on CDs or DVDs.
• Secure your data with 128-bit encryption and password protection.
• Copy an unprotected CD or DVD with a single click.

Music Made Perfect

• Drag & drop any QuickTime audio file or iTunes tracks into Toast’s Universal Audio Converter to create perfect audio and enhanced audio CDs.
• Digitize your vinyl records and tapes, or record live audio performances, with a completely re-engineered CD Spin Doctor®.
• Create personalized disc labels, case covers, and inserts with new artwork.

Photos Made Fun

• Motion Pictures software turns your still photos into stunning movies. Automatically add Hollywood-style pan and zoom effects, cross fades, and soundtracks.
• Drag & drop any QuickTime image file or iPhoto picture to create fast and easy full screen slide shows on Video CD, Super Video CD or DVD.

Videos Made Easy

• Create Video CDs, Super Video CDs, or DVDs, with menus, buttons and chapters, and view them on a home DVD player or computer.
• Plug & Burn™ and create video discs from your DV camcorder content, automatically and effortlessly.
• Rip, extract and reuse video from an iDVD or Toast DVD disc.
• Drag & drop any QuickTime video file or your iMovie into Toast’s Universal Video Converter.

Usability & Performance

• Graphical user interface that builds on the award winning Toast 5 design, and leverages the UI foundation provided by Jaguar.
• ToastAnywhere™ and share CD or DVD burners across a network or the Internet.
• Toast It™ and burn your files and folders right from the desktop.
• QuickRecord and bypass all optional pre & post recording steps.
• Burn engine optimized and performance tuned for Mac OS X systems.

See Also: Astarte Toast 2 | Toast 3 I Toast 4 Deluxe | Toast 5 Titanium | Toast 7 Titanium | Toast 8 TitaniumToast 9 Titanium | Toast 10 Titanium

Architecture: PPC

• Power Macintosh G3 or later (G4 or higher recommended for faster video encoding)
• Mac OS X v10.2 (Jaguar) or later (installing latest system updates is recommended)
• 200 MB of free hard disk space (more for video authoring, ~ 2GB per 10 minutes of DV)
• QuickTime 6 or later
• CD or DVD recorder (optional, if using ToastAnywhere recorder sharing)
• Recordable CDs or DVDs

It appears to also install and run under Rosetta (Mac OS 10.5.x to 10.6.x) but has issues with mounting disk images on Intel Mac (see screenshot #5 above).


24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2017, May 8 - 12:40pm

I just gave the first DL a short try and it is working without asking for a serial on my side.
The second DL may need a serial though and covers 5.1 for old Macs plus 6 for PPC OSX.
I added a screenshot of the app (1.DL) running in 10.6.8, maybe it will help. Wink

sfp1954's picture
by sfp1954 - 2019, February 26 - 1:52am

For the zip files you need OSX. Just download and double click on the file.
For the .sit probably an OSX version of Stuffit Expander.
If you want to run a Classic Version of Toast you must use Toast 5 or earlier.

OS923's picture
by OS923 - 2016, August 4 - 1:37pm

I can't expand these archives to something readable. I always get an error. Which version of which program do I need to expand these archives?

collector2661's picture
by collector2661 - 2015, December 2 - 8:33pm

Serial: 7QRH86Z-VD06S-WMHR5

meleemario's picture
by meleemario - 2015, April 9 - 5:14am

I uploaded a fresh copy of Toast Titianium 6.1.1, the final version of the Toast 6 series of programs earlier today upon learning that since Roxio is now owned by Corel, they are no longer supporting this version of Toast in any capacity as according to this link. Because of that, I felt perfectly fine uploading this version, although I have decided not to include a serial number with it because I felt a little weird about doing that, but if anyone really needs one, I can put one up (unless someone beats me to it). Having said that, this works perfectly fine in Mac OS X 10.4.11 Tiger, and as far as I know is the final version to work with Mac OS X 10.4.x, though other sources seem to indicate otherwise, I will have to test those out at some point and edit my comment accordingly. Having said all that, enjoy! Smile

Masuimi's picture
by Masuimi - 2014, November 18 - 1:03pm

All Toast Titanium Updates since Version 6.1.1 can still be downloaded from this japanese support page: Smile

PowerBook's picture
by PowerBook - 2011, April 13 - 3:57pm

OK guys, I'll be more careful next time, but I certainly hope you don't act this way all the time. You risk being perceived as a mob (at least to me) when the lot of you lash out like this at the same time. One polite comment would be sufficient for me to get the point, so no point in joining in just for the hell of it.



24bit's picture
by 24bit - 2011, April 13 - 4:50pm

If Rosetta will really be dumped with the next major release, a big heap of software could be considered abandonware too. What shall be done with all those gems? MG right now is certainly a "Classic" place, but who is going to preserve the PPC/BSD stuff?

bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2011, April 13 - 1:49pm


So you have the original media ? I do (£0.99 on eBay of course) and I wouldn't want to upload it.

The site is a labour of love for all those that contribute. We're not purists, but we do want this to be a site of cultural preservation, made especially hard by the grey nature of abandonware.

Perhaps I've been too hard, if you're aware of how roxio delivers its software updates, you'll see that I've previously posted a Toast 6.1 Update for other users - - it looks remarkably similar to your upload.
Maybe if you called it the Toast Titanium 6.1 Update - which is no longer available to download - we'd sing your praises.

Can't believe roxio have stopped hosting the v7 updates (the last version I own) - perhaps we should upload that too - as long as we call it an Update and explain that it's no longer available from the publisher. No serials and no serial requests please.

xy's picture
by xy - 2011, April 13 - 1:48pm

PowerBook, I think our vetos are not meant hostile, but, since abandonware is not legal but only condoned we have to be quite careful of what is being uploaded. This has nothing to do with purism but rather with the problem that once we start uploading Mac OS X software it will get very difficult to control and prevent uploading warez. There have been attempts of this in the past. As long as we restrain from uploading Mac OS X software we even might have some sympathy from software companies since we really do something for cultural preservation and make it possible to maintain ancient hardware. But once we start uploading Mac OS X software this sympathy might fade and turn into hostility with legal consequences because Mac OS X is big business.

PowerBook's picture
by PowerBook - 2011, April 13 - 11:00am

Your comments are pretty harsh, I must say, if not right out hostile and mean (thats to answer you, BertyBoy). Please, gentlemen, this is supposed to be an including site, not a playpen for purists. Maybe someone would be in need for this piece of software, and I hardly think Roxio notices the difference between putting up V5 or V6. I provide the software in good meaning, and in my opinion anything not sold or supported anymore is abandonware. I can't see that the OS X compatibility argument has a defining meaning to the term "abandonware". There are a number of software in here that can be run on OS X, so save your flaming for people who violate known companies policies about older software (like EA for instance).



bertyboy's picture
by bertyboy - 2011, April 13 - 10:48am

Or at least, if you're going to put up OS X software that is not abandonware, put up the whole iof the original media - not this bodged-up rip that you only got yourself from "la baie aux corsaires".

xy's picture
by xy - 2011, April 13 - 10:29am

Right, I cannot see that this is abandonware. Even if Roxio should not sell this anymore (which has not been tested by request, I believe) it is still fully usable on Mac OS X. This is the difference to Mac OS classic only software: Mac OS 9 is not supported anymore by Apple.

TataMisia's picture
by TataMisia - 2011, April 12 - 9:56pm

dont publish mac os x soft, please