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Tiger Recovery Utilities (Custom Pack)

The final product after installing 10.4
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This app works with: QEMU

This is a custom Tiger Recovery Partition I designed for PPC macs. Although this is a compressed .CDR image, you must set this as a separate partition for it to work properly. OR... you could burn it to a DD, DL DVD. It includes Safari, 10.4.11's updated Network Utility, and a patched version of Installer, aptly renamed to Reinstall Mac OS X. It also includes anti-piracy measures to make sure that you do not post it on different websites. If you use the Reinstall Mac OS X utility, please open the Mac OS X Tiger.mpkg file that is located in your directory. This utility can also install, Jaguar, Puma, Cheetah, and Panther. Compatibility with Intel Macs has not been included, but is possible. The websites referenced are not up and running yet, but I will update this listing when they are.

Purchase Link
Tiger Recovery Utilities - This has been provided to you by an external iCloud drive link, you can download it from there. It is also completely free!

Architecture: PPC

Startup Disk Utility doesn't work some of the time. Use the boot picker if it did not start correctly.

Safari complains a lot ablout not being able to save book marks. Just select OK and then open a new window from the menu bar.