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ThroughPut 1.x

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From the archived website:

ThroughPut Test Application
Version 1.5
What is ThroughPut?
ThroughPut is a little application, written in PPC assembler, that tests how much data your Mac can push through the PCI or AGP port to feed your graphics card with data.

ThroughPut V1.5 dialog (Results: G4/400 AGP with a Voodoo4 AGP)
How does it work?
ThroughPut does simply moving data directly from system-memory (RAM) into your graphics card memory (VRAM). ThroughPut doesn't use any MacOS functions to copy the data. The data it moves is an array of 307200 Bytes or a 640 x 480 pixel screen with 256 colors. Both, the source and the destination are 32-Bytes aligned.
There are four tests, each 10 seconds long:
Test 1 moved the data with the CPU
Test 2 uses the FPU to move the data
Test 3 uses the AltiVec Unit (if available) to push the data
Test 4 uses the CopyBits function for the data transfer
What does the number mean?
The number that ThoughPut shows in the upper left corner is the number of bytes passed to the graphics card in one second, higher results = faster graphics performance in 2D and 3D. You can use this number to calculate e.g. the number of triangles that your Mac can give the graphics card in one second. An example:
ThroughPut shows the number 39.1 MB/sec. = 40996400 Bytes/sec. (FPU) when running on my old PowerPC 8500/200Mhz. This is the number of megabytes that my old Mac can push through the PCI port to the graphics card in one second - but I want to know how many triangles that number means. ´The Gfx-Chip needs some values to draw the triangle. After all pre-calculations are done by the graphics API and drivers, a minimum of 16-Bytes needed to draw a none textures triangle - (textured triangle = min. 28-Bytes)
BytesPerSecond passed : = 40996400 bytes
FlatTrianglesPerSecond : 40996400/16 = 2562275 triangles
TexturedTrianglesPerSecond : 40996400/28 = 1464157 textured triangles

Note: Differend graphic cards many require a differend amount of data to draw a triganle, so these numbers are theoretical.
Do you want to test your Mac? Just download ThroughPut and see how well your Mac does perform.

Download #1 contains version 1.5, which is the latest.
Download #2 contains version 1.4, archived here solely for historical purposes.

Differences between 1.5 and 1.4 were documented as follows:

- startup and result dialog added
- results are now given in MB/second
- each test runs exactly 10 seconds on every machine
- some minor internal changes

To understand the meaning of the results, see this page.

Architecture: PPC

The following is mentioned for ThroughPut 1.5:
- ThroughPut requires Apple's DrawSprocket V1.7 or higher to run.
- The archive was compressed with StuffIt 6.


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by Jatoba - 2019, December 11 - 2:48am

I wonder why the version 1.4 archive is so much bigger in file size than the 1.5 one. Lower compression level? Something got removed in 1.5 without being mentioned? No idea.