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The DOCter

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DOCter-235.sit (65.54 KB)
MD5: c92e21d8572b7d0d06a049aac1b453e3
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6

The DOCter was a shareware Macintosh standalone document creator designed to allow sending of text documents to other Macintosh users with the ability to open those documents on their machines without requiring the original software.

The DOCter is an earlier precursor to the Macintosh DOCMaker software by Green Mountain Software.

The above DL is for The DOCter version 2.35 enclosed in a StuffIt v.2.0 ".sit" archive.
MD5 checksum & filename: c92e21d8572b7d0d06a049aac1b453e3 *DOCter-235.sit

See Also: DOCMaker

Architecture: 68k

68k encoded, only tested on Systems 6 & 7 so far, it may run on earlier or later OS's. Untested on Sheepshaver.

Limitations are; single page documents, up to 10 placed graphics per document and a maximum size of the text that a document may have is 32700 bytes (approx. 32KB).