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System 7.1 (Українська версія)

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MD5: 7ed7215dc51b8f681cd28eb43522e9c1
For System 7.0 - 7.6

System 7.1, released on August 3, 1992, was an important (yet costly, as it was the first OS upgrade with a compulsory price tag attached to it) system update. The most important aspect of System 7.1 was the System Enabler scheme. Instead of rolling out updates for every new Mac (as was the case with System 7.0 / System 7.0.1), all Macintosh computers would now make use of an Enabler.


The reason for the failed installation may be that your System file contains fonts with names longer than 31 characters. If there are fonts, you should:

1. Open the System folder and drag the System file to the Desktop.

2. Restart the computer from the "Install me first" floppy disk. When the Installer opens, follow the installation process according to the instructions in the guide.

3. Restart the computer after the installation process of System 7.1.

4. If you want to continue using the fonts that were in your old System file, open the System file on the Desktop and drag the icons of the desired fonts to the System Folder icon. From now on, these fonts will be stored in the Fonts folder inside the System folder and will be usable.

Architecture: 68k