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System 6.0.8L for Mac Classics, Mac LCs and the PowerBook 100

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System_6.0.8L.sit (1.37 MB)
MD5: c0a5322faaa388b635656c0c90ee6846
For System 6.x
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System Software Version 6.0.8L was Apple's last version of System 6. Unlike previous versions, it was not compatible with all Mac models. When 6.0.8L was published, System 7 was already out. But its localized international versions were not finished, so Apple decided to sell the above models with 6.0.8L for the time being.

Download comes with two 1.4 MB floppy disk images. Use Disk Copy to create a floppy and boot your Classic, LC or PowerBook using it to install System 6.

Architecture: 68k

System 6.0.8 requires a Macintosh Classic I & II, Mac LC & LC II and the PowerBook 100.


cbone's picture
by cbone - 2020, February 29 - 3:48pm

I remember coming across this version in Central America in '92! It ran pretty well on the Powerbook 100 and was much preferred to System 7 (and quite possibly for the original Mac Classic as well, if I remember correctly). I know it must have been this very one because it only worked on these newer models, and I'm pretty sure I also came across the Spanish version of it as well.