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Speedometer 2.5

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Speedometer2.5.dsk (400.00 KB)
MD5: e97058e74357eb8c908abbad014f397e
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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This app works with: Mini vMac

Speedometer lets you measure the CPU and Disk performance of your old Macintosh.

DSK image is Mini vMac friendly and contains both Speedometer 2.5 and the very first version too named MacSpeed 1.0. A bonus little fun (and annoying) app named Radar Command is also included — don't worry, it's harmless.

Architecture: 68k

Seems to require a Mac Plus with System 6. (MacSpeed 1.0 mentions the base speed is relative to that of a Mac SE with 20MB SCSI HDD. Copyright date is from 1989. Speedometer 2.5's Manual mentions the Mac Xl also works, but no mention of the 512K, 512Ke or 128K machines.)

On a Mac512 with 64K ROMs and internal HyperDrive 10, I would get repeated ID=02 System Bombs when trying to launch any of the apps. Even in Mini vMac, if you run System 3.x & Finder 5.x, you may see a missing menubar and the inability to return to the Finder. It would be nice if the author had specified minimum system requirements.