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sonicWORX PowerBundle 2.6

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sonicWORXPowerBundle2.6.sit (22.44 MB)
MD5: 497b37ed83034f46c83fc92efea8aa35
For Mac OS 8 - 8.1 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

sonicWORX is an audio editing program geared towards mastering and post-production. This program has a colorful history, starting on the Atari ST. It was later ported to SGI machines before finally being ported to the Macintosh. As such, its interface is a bit different and could take some getting used to. Those users familiar with audio editing software should be able to get through the program easily.

sonicWORX was received many good reviews, with its processing capability and quality being highly praised. All of the sonicWORX versions make use of a native plug-in format, and the Studio and PowerBundle versions include VST plug-in support.

sonicWORX was discontinued by PROSONIQ in 2004, and was later released as freeware. The serial numbers they offered are included. After restructuring the company in 2008, PROSONIQ released sonicWORX • Pro, a native OS X version for Intel-based Macs. If you like the old version of sonicWORX, check out this new offering!

Architecture: PPC



davebacsi's picture
by davebacsi - 2021, May 2 - 9:58pm

There are actually three versions of the software: sonicWORX Artist, a ‘special effects’ version that doesn’t support VST plug-ins but contains tons of unique special effects; the more advanced sonicWORX Studio, aimed at mastering and post production; and sonicWORX PowerBundle, which contains both Artist and Studio. Both Studio and PowerBundle versions of sonicWORX can load VST plug-ins, and all versions use Prosoniq’s Neural Network technology to provide a wide range of proprietary audio signal processing features.

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by ltg - 2018, June 7 - 11:22am

What's the difference between this and

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by ozzy2004 - 2015, May 17 - 9:04am

many thanks

working with my powerbook G4 mac os x 10.4/classic OS9

the VST waves 3.0 gold is working with sonicWORX PowerBundle 2.6