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SnapJot is a DA and INIT combined. The INIT lets you capture any or all parts of a screen, window, dialog box, or menu. The DA lets you send the captured image to the Clipboard, print it, or save it as a PICT or paint file. SnapJot also lets you deposit images in a floating window that acts just like any regular Mac window. Using the floating window, you can create desktop notes or compare information from different screens.

SnapJot provides other nifty options as well. You can tell it to automatically convert captured color images to black-and-white. You can also open multiple image-capture windows and tell SnapJot to capture the entire group of images.

SnapJot eases the process of capturing images in several ways. Hot keys activate main program functions, such as Save to File and Print. SnapJot lets you preset the destination graphics application for each image you save, but you can choose to have the program prompt you for a destination. Likewise, you can set SnapJot to name a captured image automatically or to prompt you for a name after the image has been captured. All that's missing is a way to scale or crop captured images and to save them as startup screens.

SnapJot works flawlessly and is easy to learn and use. It's compatible with all Mac hardware and software, including large monitors.

  — Ken Gruberman, MacUser (June 1991)


Architecture: 68k