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Snake-Bar 1.1

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This game may remind you of something, far away buried in your subconscious. Don't be worried... It's only an other variation on this fabulous game for two fingers and a brain !

With this version you will be able to :

- Configurate the keyboard as you like. Be careful with the CapsLock key. There is a default keyboard - (w) for left turns and (=) for right ones - but you can change it and even save it for future uses (bad keys, bad position of your special fingers, QWERTY keyboards outside France...)

- Save a game (as soon as you successfully exit a board). To achieve this, you simply use the Quit/Save key. If you leave a board without eating an apple, you still keep the same number of lives. If not, you will lose one life. CAUTION... If you try to do a high score, the number of such recordings is remembered and you will be betrayed.

- Play from any board. But you won't be able to run for high scores.

- Create new boards. First create a new set of boards, with new sizes for lines and columns. SNAKE BAR can run with ANY SCREEN SIZE (I hope !!!), in simple or double size depending on limits... Please try it on a double page screen...

- Modify existing boards except those from the standard set (REAL SNAKE) with the included graphic editor. You can also play immediately your creations for testing. Don't try to create impossible boards, it is not fun to play them...Please send me your best boards and your associated scores... Why should'nt we create an exchange market ?...

- Manage high scores. Each set of boards is associated with a list of high scores... Don't cheat... To erase high scores, drag the "xxx.Scores" document in the trash. Scores are sorted by points, but you may also look at times (pauses are substracted), maximum board and level you played : 1=Beginner, 2=Amateur, ..., 12= Beginner becoming Amateur...

- Start from the Finder and from a saved game or a set of boards.

- Choose your level. The speed of the snake and the time before new apples are modified. So is also scoring.

- Get the same speed on a SE or a MacPlus !!! If anybody outside got a Mac II, please send me your comments, or better, send me the Mac II...

- Choose your font. If you got Macintalk, the snake will say something different in each font.

- Modify all strings in the game changing STR# resources and modify all fonts changing FONT resources.

- Add a new language. STR# 128 is the list of actual languages. Add always a new language at the end. Then duplicate STR# 130 resource (English) or an other and give it a coherent ID. Then modify each string while trying to limit the length. For an empty string, use at least one blank. SNAKE BAR will automatically recognize this language (30 at most). I am interested in any new language or correction you could send to me.
STR# 127 is for internal use (keyboard default configuration).


- Correct some bugs, mainly, but not only, due to ZBasic 3.03...
Thank you so much Zedcor ???!!!

- Add some traps like : dynamic apples, poisonned ones, snake eaters, invisible doors in twilight zone, two snakes together...

- Add some realistic noises - I need a MIDI interface...

- Allow to replay an old game, to admire the style of a great player and be terrified once again...

- Publish the Basic Source and translate it in C... Hey you ! Which one would be the best ?

OF COURSE, all this stuff is linked to the money ($$$$$$$$$$$) you'll send !!

If it is hurting you somewhere, please send money to any humanitarian association. If it is also hurting you, everywhere, please you must KNOW that your only chance to become a SNAKE BAR champion is with a pure mind. If you are satisfied with your 60 000 points or less, that's your problem... Meanwhile enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am waiting for your critics, comments.
Send me your languages and boards...

My address is in the game

Georges Malamoud

Of course Macintalk, Finder ... are "protected" products from Apple
Long life to them an the king of apples.