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smidenoise Noiseplug 1.8 mac os x ppc (standalone) freeware UB

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MD5: ef755590f8d40d0ab9d7a8f878949c88
For Mac OS X
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NoisePLUG was designed by smidernoise in collaboration with the Tobor Experiment (, which aims to create tools for noise music or use it for sound design.

All of them are modular systems, broken into 8 different devices, built with Max/MSP, which is to say that Usability is not very good. Despite its beautiful appearance, it is quite difficult to use it. People who are familiar with Max/MSPs may be able to guess the way, but never at all. It may be found to take a long time.

Before we make it sound out, such as the sample player launch button, we will see that it is two round gray buttons. The Active button is the bottom button again. The guide doesn't go into much detail in this section, all the way up to the menu for opening and closing modules made dropdown, which is very inconvenient.

The internal sub-tools include sample player 4 channels, Mixer, Convolutor, Filter, FFT Filter, Reverb, Grain, Reduct, but the authors' favorites are the Low Bass Generator (if leaving it random, the frequency of playback) and noise drum, all of which produce very interesting results.

Although it is a little difficult to use, with its freeness and interesting results, it is worth the experiment.

Download at, there are also a few fun tools to download, such as BADZEN (Generative Ambient Player), WIIZEN (AMBIENT Player controlled by Wiimote), H_Y (Monophonic Synth with Reverb).

Architecture: PPC

mac osX panther, tiger ppc.


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by emery - 2021, February 22 - 11:39pm

works on osX panther 10.3.9