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MD5: 97735e7ae1c64e81e7129b83496edebd
For Mac OS 9
Guides on emulating older applications

Control Panel that adjusts CPU execution speed. This works on my G4 M7455B and OS9, while "G3 Throttle", MacSnail, and others do not. (Slo-Mo icon is similar to that of MacSnail but they're unrelated). Powerful and friendly gui does not seem to unintentionally slow down when switched Off or even when On but with the 100% setting. Impressive indicator makes the Apple Menu symbol flash between an apple and a snail when slowdown is in effect.

Architecture: 68k

v1.0d6 - documentation is for 1.0d3

This uses an installer which is 68K-only, and although NativeChecker can't inspect Control Panels, my impression is the panel itself is also 68K-only. But it runs good on PPC anyway.


SkyCapt's picture
by SkyCapt - 2021, March 7 - 6:55am

Then its coding is 68K-only.

I like BBedit (Lite) I use identical carbonated same version in OS X and OS 9. And HexEdit X and 9. I needed to increase memory allocated to HexEdit in OS 9 because it's one of those display-resolution dependent apps in which I overload it with my higher resolution than its makers anticipated.

I drag files onto HexEdit my fav file inspector. In the menu is an option to display PPC Disassembly. I assessed Slo-Mo being 68K this way. Real PPC is given color coded labels and dividers, otoh 68K and noncode looks broken up without form. Slo-Mo quickly reveals no obvious chunk of PPC.

Loving it regardless. Slo-Mo looks like my #1 speed adjust utility for OS 9. Also "FatCursors" and "SmoothType" have exhanced OS 9 so much that 9 transitioned from a drag, to a Joy! to use it.

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by MikeTomTom - 2021, March 6 - 9:36pm

and although NativeChecker can't inspect Control Panels, my impression is the panel itself is also 68K-only. But it runs good on PPC anyway.

Drag any item onto a BBEdit or a BBEdit Lite icon, it will open it (the data fork as a text document) and if it's blank then it's pure 68k. If it shows generated code beginning with the word "Joy" then it contains PPC native code. Quit the editor without saving. You can do this with Apps, CP's & Extensions. BBEdit's my go-to "quick & dirty" native checker.

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by SkyCapt - 2021, March 6 - 6:48pm

We need to know how far back it works (System 6, 7 ?).
My oldest Mac to play with is OS 9.2
And how did I get a non ascii character in the url here? I don't know how to type that (by which I mean I did not) - internet is out to get me.

Nice thing it automatically goes to 100% whenever the Finder is the foremost app. And Don't tick the option for "Screen Drawing Always Full Speed" - it mostly makes drawing happen less smooth similar speed, plus the author's document states the feature is "not that functional" (and it might be ticked by default when installing).

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by Bolkonskij - 2021, March 6 - 5:59pm

Haven't tried it out yet (will do shortly) but great upload. Thanks!