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Symantec AntiVirus for Macintosh 3.5

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SAM3.5.sit (815.78 KB)
MD5: 4a231641df2180598396927f033fefd1
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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SAM3.5_HDEmergency.sit (953.57 KB)
MD5: 3c76aac678f2d1e04f731e07ddb1c0cf
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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intercept.sit (138.00 KB)
MD5: d4c15450ed7ee3aeda9b9036c41c8ec8
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Basilisk II,

Symantec Antivirus 3.5 is yet another installment of Symantec's anti-virus suite. This version of SAM once again consists of two main programs, SAM Virus Clinic, which scans user-specified hard drives and floppies much like Disinfectant does, and SAM Intercept, which scans inserted removable media. SAM 3.5 offers a number of neat improvements, one of them being the ability to scan certain compressed archives.

Link #1 contains DC 4.2 images of the two disks (Installer and the 800k Decontamination disk) required for a full install stuffed with StuffIt Lite 3.6.

Link #2 contains a DC 4.2 image of the one HD decontamination disk. This is not required for installation and is used as a boot disk if your hard drive is infected and your Macintosh has a HD drive.

Link #3 is a .sit archive of just SAM Intercept 3.5 provided by Harrymatic. Installation instructions are included as a Read Me file in the SIT archive. The main program needs to be installed in the Control Panels folder, the other two files in the System folder.

Architecture: 68k

Runs fine under Mac OS 6 and 7, possibly 8 but not 9. Works on real hardware and emulation.


mtgmackid's picture
by mtgmackid - 2020, May 16 - 10:27am

Stuffed images of original SAM 3.5 media have been uploaded and box scan is pending. Let me know if the way I modified the page is ok, or if it's just preferred that I make a new entry altogether.

mtgmackid's picture
by mtgmackid - 2020, May 13 - 11:31pm

FYI this (SAM Intercept v3.5) is only a *partial* install of Symantec Anti Virus/SAM 3.5. This is missing Virus Clinic. I have the proper installation disks for SAM 3.5 and I will upload the stuffed images soon.

kalvin's picture
by kalvin - 2011, March 24 - 1:09am

If you could try uploading virus clinic, I'd be grateful. I need to compare SAM Virus Clinic to Disinfectant, I just don't like Disinfectant.

kalvin's picture
by kalvin - 2011, March 20 - 3:40pm

What is virus clinic? I came across an infected disk image from E-Maculation. The button wouldn't let me click on virus clinic. Was it to be included with intercept?

Harrymatic's picture
by Harrymatic - 2011, February 24 - 6:26pm

To use it in System 6, drop the control panel into the System folder, restart and it will show up in the Control Panel desk accessory.

kalvin's picture
by kalvin - 2011, February 24 - 5:40pm

Was able to open the archive, but it does not work in system 6, as it will not be able to open the control panel file. Only works in Mac OS 7. Have not tried it in Mac OS 8 or 9. Will update if I can get that thing to work on my IMac G3. Might only work on 68k processer. Not sure.

Edit: Removed 'or xxx 7' - IIGS User