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Resorcerer 2.4.1

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This software is still available for purchase
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Resorcerer is the premiere general-purpose commercial resource editor for Macintosh computers running System 8, 9, or Mac OS X. Relied upon by thousands of Mac developers all over the world, Resorcerer features a wealth of powerful yet easy-to-use tools for easier, faster, and safer editing of Macintosh data files and resources.

Whether you have to parse a picture, change one bit in a 500MB data fork, write an AppleScript to patch or build a file, transfer resource-fork-based resources to data-fork-based resource files under Mac OS X, create a scripting dictionary, build icon suites with all 144 variant icons, change the structure of existing custom resources, debug an AppleEvent from another application, design and edit a custom resource with 40,000 fields in it, find every reference to a control, try out a dialog interface under Aqua, see a Unicode glyph, magnify the screen, disassemble some PowerPC instructions to English, or any of dozens of other resource- or data-related viewing and editing tasks, Resorcerer's magic will make you more productive and quickly save you time and money.

"... without a doubt, the premiere resource editor on the Mac."
- MacUser Magazine, March 1994

eddy Eddy Award Winner for Best New Developer Tool
- MacUser Editors Choice Awards, 1993

"A distinct improvement over Apple's ResEdit."
- MacTech Magazine

"Resorcerer's data template system is amazing!"
- Bill Goodman, author of Compact Pro and Smaller Installer

"Resorcerer Rocks! Buy it, you will NOT regret it."
- Joe Zobkiw, author of A Fragment of your Imagination

"The color pixel editors are wonderful! A work of art!"
- Dave Winzler, Microseeds and Cyberian Outpost

"Every Macintosh developer should own a copy of Resorcerer."
- Leonard Rosenthol, Chief Scientist, Aladdin Systems

"Resorcerer will pay for itself many times over in saved time and effort."
- MacUser review

"The template that disassembles 'PICT's is awesome!"
- Bill Steinberg, author of Pyro! and PBTools

"Resorcerer proved indispensible in its own creation!"
- Doug McKenna, author of Resorcerer

"...a wealth of time-saving tools."
- MacUser Review, Dec. 1992

Architecture: PPC PPC (Carbonized)

Mac System 8, 9, or Mac OS X


bamdad's picture
by bamdad - 2021, March 27 - 8:42pm

the order form is dead, so is basically the site where it's sold. could someone please re-upload?

it's back up, probably just some temporary outage. not that it's worth $256 in 2021 but i sort of understand the reasoning behind this policy.

Gary's picture
by Gary - 2014, May 2 - 11:16pm

From the Author of Resorcerer:

We still have CDs for the last PowerPC (Carbon) version, which requires Rosetta on Intel computers to run.

Doug McKenna

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2014, May 2 - 6:45am

Gobsmacked! Gary, you are quite correct. Its one that I hadn't checked on too, so thanks for posting (Balrog beat me to putting up the "still available for purchase" link).

uyjulian's picture
by uyjulian - 2014, May 2 - 3:50am

Try buying it, see if they still accept purchases.

Gary's picture
by Gary - 2014, May 1 - 9:16pm

>(Included in the StuffIt file is the full version + serial number)

If this product is still for sale (and I think it is) why does the download posted here contain a serial number?