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RasterOps Graphics System Software 1.68

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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This is a package of software from RasterOps containing:

RasterOps Drivers INIT 1.4
RasterOps Monitor Extension INIT 1.68
Accelerator CDEV 3.02
Video Capture Photoshop Plugin 1.5
ScreenShift app + INIT 1.5
SyncCamera app 1.5

Graphics System Software 1.68 Release Notes
March 26, 1993


What’s new in Graphics System Software 1.68 disk?
1. RasterOps Monitor Extension 1.68 has added support for PaintBoard Turbo and RasterOps 24MxRGB. RasterOps Monitor Extension 1.67 (never released) addressed a compatibility issue with Shiva EtherPort II board. If a NuBus™ board has a vendorInfo field but no revision number, a bus error would be generated in version 1.66 or earlier.

2. ScreenShift 1.5 has added support for PaintBoard Turbo and RasterOps 24MxRGB. ScreenShift 1.4 (never released) has added support for Macintosh Quadra™ and Centris™ built-in video. Because of timing differences between RasterOps’ monitors and the output from the Quadra or Centris built-in video, adjustments can be made to center the video display. More information is available in the ScreenShift READ ME file.

3. SyncCamera 1.5 has added support for PaintBoard Turbo and RasterOps 24MxRGB.

4. Current mailing address, Email address and telephone numbers for contacting RasterOps Technical Support are listed.

Changes In RasterOps Monitor Extension functionality in version 1.66 and later
(Applicable if a system contains multiple RasterOps Monitor Extension-compatible display adapters.)

1. The Zoom In/Out features will now function only on the screen where the cursor is.

2. When the Pan/Zoom controls (e.g., Zoom In/Out keys, Enable/Disable Zoom, etc.) are modified, the same changes will apply to ALL display adapters at the same time.

System Requirements
The RasterOps Monitor Extension runs on any Macintosh® II, Macintosh Quadra™, Centris™, Performa™, or PowerBook™ computer equipped with NuBus expansion slots and a RasterOps display adapter that supports pan/zoom and extended desktops. System 6.0.3 or later and 32-Bit QuickDraw™ are required. Please note that 32-Bit QuickDraw is automatically installed as part of System 7.

The RasterOps Monitors Extension is not applicable for the following boards, as they do not support the pan, zoom, and extended desktop options:
ColorBoard 208
ColorBoard 232
ColorBoard 264
ColorBoard 264/SE30
FrameGrabber 324NC
FrameGrabber 324PC
ProVideo 32 (ColorBoard 232 + SFX)

See also v1.52 for System 6