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ATI OS 9 Drivers for Radeon 9200 (DVI-I)

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radeon_9200_dvi-i.sit (1.50 MB)
MD5: a7ff64e1ef955f7a773d6b0e60f447c5
For Mac OS 9
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In an attempt to fit an ATi Radeon 9200 PCI for Mac into a beige G3 minitower running Mac OS 9.2.2, it was quickly discovered that the January 2005 ATI OS9 Radeon Update drivers are deficient, in spite of explicitly mentioning the card.

Clues on the almighty internet suggested that the DVI-I versions of the Radeon 9200 need a different set of drivers. Unfortunately, the archive link was broken.

Searching the filename turned an archive of the same name, and apparently related contents.

Manual installation of the files rendered a slow, but workable boot with the 9200. A lot of additional digging failed to produce an ATi control panel that works properly with this card, in this system.

9200os9.sit Contents
ATI 3D Accelerator 7.0.4
ATI 8500 3D Accelerator 7.1.0
ATI Extension 2.9.0
ATI Graphics Accelerator 5.7.0
ATI Monitor 3.2.1
ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator 6.4.7
ATI Rage 128 3D Accelerator 6.4.7
ATI Resource Manager 3.2.1
ATI ROM Xtender 1.2
ATI Video Accelerator 4.9.1
ATI Video Digitizer 4.3.7
OpenGLRendererATI 1.3.5


ATi Radeon 9200 PCI with a DVI-I connector, in an OS 9 system


Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2020, April 15 - 7:33am

@OpenSourceMac I know the feeling, my flashed ATI X1950XT my G5 Quad uses was actually more expensive than the Quad G5 itself, for instance. Although that was partially because the Quad was sourced from Brazil (devalued currency country used item), while the card came from... Amazon? (Not even eBay.)

I'm not sure if I would call it "silly". It's just how things are, real-value-wise (as in, not cost-wise). It's just like how a Mac mini G4 is of more value than Intel Mac minis, old and new, if you are into the stuff only the Mac mini G4 can do. *sigh* I sure miss mine. Sad

Pretty graphics are nice, but if the quality of the software isn't good, then even an NES game will be preferred. Like a movie with advanced filming technology, but bad plot vs. a good, humbly-filmed movie.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, April 15 - 12:16am

It is SHOCKING how expensive these cards are now - considering the results. I can see if you have a pet Sawtooth G4 you want to keep on OS9, but spending 5x as much for this card as you can to get a decent Nvidia GTX card - that can run Doom 2016 is just silly. Now if these and other legacy cards like the Geforce 4 4600 Ti were what they should cost (like $20-$30) then fine, but considering a Samsung Galaxy S3 has twice the graphic power, maybe somethings need to be allowed to fade away.

pc297's picture
by pc297 - 2020, April 14 - 11:12pm

I can confirm that on a flashed radeon 9250 this enables the DVI-I slot under OS9 (which works out of the box on OSX), as well as provides 3D acceleration, very happy, thanks a lot!

khepler's picture
by khepler - 2016, December 16 - 7:19am

I got acceleration after installing the 9200 ROM hotfix: