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QuickTime Conferencing

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QuickTimetm_Conferencing.toast_.sit_.hqx (16.59 MB)
MD5: 5f81e29ef14bbcaccf324b04f2282a1c
For System 7.0 - 7.6
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
QuickTimetm_Conferencing.sit_.hqx (3.01 MB)
MD5: a1261714cf8cd1e7526d63421aa12741
For System 7.0 - 7.6
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This is the QuickTime Conferencing CD that shipped with the QuickTime Conferencing Kit that included the camera.
The CD (QuickTime™ Conferencing.toast.sit.hqx) includes disk images of the conferencing software, Network Software Installer 1.5.1, Sonic Systems' LANScape SNMP demo, and fully installable version of the conferencing software its self.

Also included here is QuickTime™ Conferencing.sit.hqx, which is just the disk images from the CD for the conferencing software.

The installer software recommends System Software 7.5 and later, although will allow installation on 7.1 and higher using Custom Install, noting that some features may not work. The Custom Install offers QuickTime 2.0, Sound Manager 3.1, and other updates to 7.1 to allow this to work.

The included H261 codec is used for low bandwidth (the readme states 64kbps to 384kbps), but only works on PPC systems.

Date in the readme: 9/1/95

System Requirements:
• Quadra 660AV or 840AV, Power Macintosh AV computer, or Power Macintosh computer with AV card upgrade
• System software version 7.5 or newer
• 16 megabytes of DRAM (memory)
• Video source (for instance, a video camera or VCR)
• Audio source (for instance, a PlainTalk microphone or VCR)
• Network connection (for instance, Ethernet or ISDN)
• Network Software Installer version 1.5 or newer.

MD5 (QuickTime™ Conferencing.sit.hqx) = a1261714cf8cd1e7526d63421aa12741
MD5 (QuickTime™ Conferencing.toast.sit.hqx) = 5f81e29ef14bbcaccf324b04f2282a1c

Architecture: 68k PPC