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QuickDraw 3D v1.5.4

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QuickDraw3D154.sit (3.02 MB)
MD5: 10a1d4c8e14487a544aaa3da6b5c40d6
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
This app works with: SheepShaver,

This version of QuickDraw 3D will run in the emulator SheepShaver and it comes packaged with the Mac OS 8.5 CD.

Architecture: PPC

version 1.5.4

QuickDraw 3D 1.6 simply doesn't work right in SheepShaver.


narisht's picture
by narisht - 2012, May 5 - 10:36am

It's not that I need QuickDraw so much that one of my main reasons for using SheepShaver is to try to use programs that require it. But I can certainly try what you suggested to see if it works.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2012, April 29 - 3:46am

Well, sh*t happens, as they say. Maybe there is a problem with the OS X version of SS.

You can, if you really need this software, install the required files manually. You need to use TomeViewer to extract the files. If you don't have TomeViewer you can get it from here in the APPS section under "T".

Extract the required files from the 1.5.4 version, in this install set there are three folders. Each folder contains a single "Tome" file, named "Libraries", "Models", & "Scrapbook", respectively.

Create 3 folders on your SS hard drive giving them the same name (to help you locate the files after extracting). Start TomeViewer, choose "Open" from its File menu and navigate to the folders containing the Tome files. With a Tome file opened select all items in the window and hit the extract button (there is only one button, its the blue square shaped button in the top left corner of the TomeViewer window). Navigate to the folders you created earlier and save the contents to each folder in turn.

Of the 9 Extensions contained in the "Libraries" Tome file, you will only need 7 of these. The two you won't require in SS is "CFM Updater" & "Ethernet (Built-In)". The rest once extracted to a folder, select and drag over onto a closed icon of the "System Folder" and release the mouse. You should get a dialog saying these items need to be installed in a certain location, or similar. Click OK and restart your Mac emulation to start using these files.

Of the other two Tome file extractions, Scrapbook contains the Scrapbook replacement so you can view QD 3D models and cut & paste models from the clipboard to the scrapbook. The file "Scrapbook" resides in "Apple Menu Items" & the "Scrapbook File" goes loose into the System Folder. The Tome "Models" contains working examples you can use to check if your install works or not.


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by narisht - 2012, April 28 - 10:33pm

Well I just tried using the old world ROM and I still had the same problem. Hopefully the problem is not with the OS X version or the newer version.

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by narisht - 2012, April 28 - 1:50am

Here is where Emaculation covers ROM files when using OS X: It says for OS 8.6 to 9.0.4 that a new world ROM is best. Perhaps I will try using the old world ROM and see what that does.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2012, April 27 - 11:22am

Maybe that has some bearing on the issue. I only use an old world rom on SheepShaver, because it allows me to run a Mac OS from 7.6 to 9.0.4, the new world rom is more restrictive in that field. I'm not having the issues you get perhaps because I use the old world rom in preference.

My experience too, is the opposite of what you say Emaculation claims here, unless they are talking about SS on Mac OS as opposed to running on Windows, which is what I run SS on.

narisht's picture
by narisht - 2012, April 27 - 10:58am

I'm using the New World ROM, since Emaculation says is supposed to work better with the latest version of SheepShaver. Should that be making a difference?

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by Fortuna Wave - 2012, April 27 - 9:04am

Well I have used the Old World ROM and run any QuickDraw 3D samples, works for me.

narisht's picture
by narisht - 2012, April 26 - 7:52pm

I tried running both the 1.5.3 installer and 1.5.4 installer from the emulated Mac OS 9.0.4 desktop, and I still got the message both times. If it is of any help, I am running SheepShaver in Mac OS X 10.6.8.

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by MikeTomTom - 2012, April 25 - 10:58pm

@narisht: I could not replicate this problem. I just installed version 1.5.4 from here onto Mac OS 9.0.4 running over SheepShaver on a Windows PC. It installed without a hitch and appears to run OK. - I couldn't get it to fail to install and ask for disk 3, so I can't explain why you and others get this error.
Are you running the installer from an emulated mounted hard drive in SheepShaver or from the shared "Unix" drive if you have that enabled? If the latter, then that would definitely be a problem.

narisht's picture
by narisht - 2012, April 25 - 10:26am

Alright, so I tried this, and all went well until I tried to install the older version, during which I got the same message as the first person to insert Disk 3. What now?

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by MikeTomTom - 2012, April 24 - 8:07am

What would be the best way to go about downgrading?

Uninstall QuickDraw 3D v1.6 1st, then install an earlier version.

Run the "Extensions Manager" located under
"Apple" Menu > "Control Panels" > "Extensions Manager"
Look for Extensions with names beginning "QuickDraw 3D" and uncheck the box to left of their names. I don't think it has a Control panel but if it does, uncheck that too. When you've located and unchecked those, restart the Mac (click Restart button in lower part of the Extension Manager window).
Once rebooted install the earlier version of QuickDraw 3D. This will require another reboot.
If all goes well (it works for you) then you can safely trash the disabled v1.6 Extensions. They'll be located in the folder "Extensions (Disabled)" inside the System Folder and in the case of disabled Control Panels they'll be located in the folder "Control Panels (Disabled)" inside the System Folder.

narisht's picture
by narisht - 2012, April 24 - 6:21am

It seems that for the OS 9 image that I am using, it came with QuickDraw 1.6 installed. What would be the best way to go about downgrading?

Fortuna Wave's picture
by Fortuna Wave - 2012, April 22 - 11:33am

Try version 1.5.3 or 1.5.1. Newer versions did not work properly.

narisht's picture
by narisht - 2012, April 22 - 8:13am

I tried installing this, but trying to run programs requiring QuickDraw still crashed SheepShaver.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2012, April 21 - 10:06pm

There is a complete install set (3 Disk Copy image files) at Apple Support Area downloads.

Caveat: It is for version 1.5.3 and not version 1.5.4 (but it just might do).

narisht's picture
by narisht - 2012, April 21 - 12:22pm

I receive a similar message, asking to insert the "QuickDraw 3D Install" disk.

sdvm's picture
by sdvm - 2011, June 14 - 5:16am

Every time I try to install this in SheepShaver it keeps asking to "Insert Disk 3" How can I install?