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QuarkXPress 1.10L

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QuarkXPress_1_1.sit (1,006.23 KB)
MD5: b6fd5361aed9119e4032a2912c3ef618
For System 1 - 5 - System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac

Quark's first commercial release of their DTP program was marketed simply named "Xpress". This is that version and with it you can find tools, menus and layout methods that are still familiar in later versions of what became (until InDesign) the leading de facto standard in DTP, QuarkXpress.

Architecture: 68k

Can be run from floppy disk. Disk "Xpress Startup" is bootable, has System 4.1 on disk - Xpress runs fine in later Mac OS's if you move all (non system) content from the disks into a folder on a hard drive (screenshot 3).

Tested working OK in Mini vMac II running SSW 6.0.8 (screenshot 4).


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by slomacuser - 2016, July 12 - 1:43pm

It was written 1.1 '88 on floppies I imaged. Must find them and make a scan. I believe that the correct date is 88 ...