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Procom MRD40/MEOD650 Disk

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MD5: c46ca9fe060606d058333cbd45503520
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

Device driver disk for the two devices below, release version 2.11R.

Procom Technology's HIPerformance Removable media SCSI drive offers PS/2 Micro Channel computer users a safe and convenient way to store, transport and back up informaton quickly and easily. The advantages of Winchester drive performance have been integrated into the low profile drive's design while the flexibility of daisy chaining with up to
seven SCSI devices remains, making the drive an ideal choice for users
with high capacity, removable storage needs.

-Fast and reliable removable cartridge technology.
-Virtually unlimited storage capability.
-SCSI ID selection is easy via a simple dial on the rear control panel and
an external termination switch.

Procom Technology's Erasable Optical Drives are state-of-the-art storage systems. Featuring a convenient removable medium, each double-sided cartridge stores 582 million bytes of data, enabling users to safely access, archive and transport tremendous data bases. The drives conform to ISO/ANSI standards, so data interchangeability among a variety of cartridge vendors is assured. All this makes the Erasable Optical Drive the ideal solution for users with rapidly increasing storage requirements.

-Up to 582MB of erasable, removable media per cartridge.
-Automatic Bad Block Reallocation helps quarantee the reliablility and
integrity of the stored data.
-Automatically mounts and unmounts data cartridges as easy as floppy
diskette drives.
-Ideal for networking and multi-media applications.
-External SCSI address dial and termination switch for easy system

Architecture: 68k