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PPC Media Center - Internet Video Player (Final Update)

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For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

The Final Update!

- Fixed Numerous Bugs and made the app far more compliant with current connection availability in Tiger and Leopard (see read me for more info). No Intel support/Language Localizations due to time constraints, but as usual all code is included for anyone who wants to work more on it.

- Simplified options. "Play" requests 360p SD and Download/Make MP3 functions now request 720p HD. But since a lot of content is only available in MP4 on Youtube at single resolutions, "catch as catch can".

Still requires version 6.0 for basic installation then the update can be copied over it, and the new separate updater is still required to keep the youtube-dl backend current (all included in download package).

Hard to say how long IPv4 and insecure connections will be supported by Youtube, but as long as they are, should work well.

Architecture: PPC

PPC OSX 10.4-10.5.

Suggested Minimum Hardware: G4 1GHz/Dual-533MHz.


Ataru29's picture
by Ataru29 - 2020, March 9 - 12:07pm

Why ditching the 480p download option though? I'd like to update but I can't see myslef downloading videos inside Quicktime each and every time and then playing it in XBMC/Coreplay/Mplayer.

alexfree's picture
by alexfree - 2020, February 29 - 7:27pm

To see what I mean, this is how it downloads up to 1080p:

tell application "Terminal"
do script "clear; mkdir -p ~/.ppcmcTemp/" & rdmString & "/; echo -e \"
\"; echo -e \"
Downloading Video Up To 1080p...\"; sleep 1; echo -e \"
\"; export SSL_CERT_FILE=/Applications/; export REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=Applications/; /Applications/ /Applications/ --prefer-ffmpeg --ffmpeg-location=/Applications/ -f 'bestvideo[ext=mp4][height<=?1080]+bestaudio[ext=m4a]/best' -o ~/.ppcmcTemp/" & rdmString & "/\"%(title)s.%(ext)s\" '" & pageURL & "'; mv -f ~/.ppcmcTemp/" & rdmString & "/* ~/Desktop/PPCMC\\ Downloads\\ " & dateCurrent & "/ &> /dev/null; rm -R ~/.ppcmcTemp/" & rdmString & "/; find ~/Desktop/PPCMC\\ Downloads\\ " & dateCurrent & "/ -exec " & setFileExe & " -a -E '{}' \\; &> /dev/null; echo -e \"
\"; echo -e \"
- Download Complete -\"; sleep 1; echo -e \"

Version 7.0.2 is out at

alexfree's picture
by alexfree - 2020, February 29 - 3:52am

Could you release the source of so I can add back the auto downloader?

alexfree's picture
by alexfree - 2020, February 29 - 3:54am

Agreed, but with using ffmpeg there always are MP4 codecs as afar as I can tell from reading the youtube-dL docs.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, February 28 - 6:49pm

Sounds good. While WebM can run in Tiger, it doesn't run well, and more and more, MP4 is either missing or only SD. The only thing to be careful of is to avoid H.265, 60Hz and 4K streams, as they might be playable in Leopard, but won't play very good and even if they can be resized, it turns into a huge computing task on PPC.

alexfree's picture
by alexfree - 2020, February 28 - 6:05pm

I figured out how to download 240p-1080p by using my compiled ffmpeg to merge the best video and audio streams together so I’ll be adding that back in next update. YouTube only really has 360p in one file available at this point. 480p seems to be the max playable on my Mac Mini G4 1.42ghz.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, February 26 - 10:19pm

It just does a shell-script that does "youtube-dl -U" This is the built in updater.

alexfree's picture
by alexfree - 2020, February 26 - 8:00pm

Oh I must’ve just missed the source. Does it just use curl? If so I could just replace it with my curl. I’m gonna try to get age restricted videos streamable and add more download and convert options (more resolutions, more codecs). Adding more codecs compiled into my FFmpeg could be useful for quickly grabbing videos to play on Mac OS 9/lower spec Macs.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, February 26 - 7:00pm

Yes it does. It's in the original Version 6 Source (commented block near the top). It is just a few lines that makes a dated folder in ~/Preferences, and on each launch, if the date isn't current, it will check if there is an update (so it can only check once a day). This is important, because if it checks every time the app is run, youtube-dl central may start flagging IPs for access abuse.

alexfree's picture
by alexfree - 2020, February 26 - 6:49pm

Thanks for the feedback! I got more things I want to implement. I moved the auto updater functionality into the PPC Media Center App itself since the auto updater doesn’t have source code available.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, February 26 - 6:01pm

Very Cool. I've just not had the time to go forward into newer stuff with this. As a note: You might want to re-institute the Auto-Updater from Version 6, as it is really nice and fast, but won't work without TLS 1.2 (BTW Cameron Kaiser over at TenFourFox is already working on 1.3 implementations).

alexfree's picture
by alexfree - 2020, February 26 - 5:30pm

For anyone interested, I’ve started a fork of this:

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, January 19 - 2:03am

OK, OK. ONE VERY LAST UPDATE! I was encountering a new link problem this morning that had previoiusly not been happening and that is kinda the problem with link-normalization; it's like playing wack-a-mole. Every change has the potential to add new issues. On a whim I did some research into how the new Youtube-DLG app does it and found out that it doesn't!
It turns out that youtube-dl now handles all those things on its own. Not sure how long this has been the case, but I promptly modified my link normalization to solely do Unicode string conversions and filter-out web-search tracking info and so it turns THIS:

set pageURL_Im to pageURL
if pageURL_Im contains "" then
if pageURL_Im contains "?list=" then
set pageURL_Im to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL_Im & " | sed 's/&index=[0-9]//g;s/watch?v=.*&//g'"
end if
set pageURL_Im to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL_Im & " | sed 's/=http.*vimeo.*//g;s/redirect?event=video_description&//g;s/&sns=fb//g;s/&*//g;s/watch?v=.*&//g'"
set pageURL to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL_Im & " | sed 's/t=.*//g;s/[://*]http\"//g;s/[()]//g;s/%3A/\\:/g;s/%2F/\\//g;s/%3F/?/g;s/%3D/=/g;s/%26/\\&/g;s/player_embeddeds//g;s/attribution_link.*=\\///g;s/^.*.com\\///g;s/^.*.be\\///g;s/\\///g;s/watch?//g;s/playlist?//g;s/&v=//g;s/v=//g;s/list=//g;s/listType=.*&//g;s/feature=//g;s/share//g;s/player_embedded//g;s/embed//g;s/;s/iv_load_policy=3//g;s/loop=[1,0]//g;s/modestbranding=[1,0]//g;s/showinfo=[1,0]//g;s/autoplay=[1,0]//g;s/rel=[1,0]//g;s/disablekb=[1,0]//g;s/controls=[1,0]//g;s/cc_load_policy=[1,0]//g;s/autohide=[1,0]//g;s/&.*$//g;s/?//g;s/=//g;s/start.*$//g;s/theme.*$//g;s/end.*$//g;s/color.*$//g;s/#t.*$//g'"
else if pageURL_Im contains "" then
if pageURL_Im contains "&list=" then
set pageURL_Im to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL_Im & " | sed 's/&sns=fb//g;s/&index=[0-9]//g;s/watch?v=.*&//g'"
end if
set pageURL_Im to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL_Im & " | sed 's/=http.*vimeo.*//g;s/redirect?event=video_description&//g;s/&*//g;s/watch?v=.*&//g'"
set pageURL to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL_Im & " | sed 's/[://*]http\"//g;s/[()]//g;s/%3A/\\:/g;s/%2F/\\//g;s/%3F/?/g;s/%3D/=/g;s/%26/\\&/g;s/player_embeddeds//g;s/attribution_link.*=\\///g;s/^.*.com\\///g;s/^.*.be\\///g;s/\\///g;s/watch?//g;s/playlist?//g;s/&v=//g;s/v=//g;s/list=//g;s/listType=.*&//g;s/feature=//g;s/share//g;s/player_embedded//g;s/embed//g;s/;s/iv_load_policy=3//g;s/loop=[1,0]//g;s/modestbranding=[1,0]//g;s/showinfo=[1,0]//g;s/autoplay=[1,0]//g;s/rel=[1,0]//g;s/disablekb=[1,0]//g;s/controls=[1,0]//g;s/cc_load_policy=[1,0]//g;s/autohide=[1,0]//g;s/&.*$//g;s/?//g;s/=//g;s/start.*$//g;s/theme.*$//g;s/end.*$//g;s/color.*$//g;s/#t.*$//g'"
set pageURL to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL_Im & " | sed 's/http.*http/http/g;s/www.//g;s/%3A/\\:/g;s/%2F/\\//g;s/%3F/?/g;s/%3D/=/g;s/%26/\\&/g;s/\\/channels\\/.*\\//\\//g;s/\\/groups\\/.*\\/videos\\//\\//g'"
end if
set hyphenFixer to ""
if pageURL starts with "-" then
set hyphenFixer to "-- "
end if

Into THIS:

set pageURL to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of pageURL & " | sed 's/http.*http/http/g;s/%3A/\\:/g;s/%2F/\\//g;s/%3F/?/g;s/%3D/=/g;s/%26/\\&/g'"

Less is obvioulsy more when it comes to reliability and now Yahoo links are working again and there should not be any issues with Youtube until they do away with insecure connections.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, January 19 - 1:16am

---Removed. Read Post Above---

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2020, January 11 - 9:31pm

Sorry the uploader glitched - it's all included in the one download.

Jatoba's picture
by Jatoba - 2020, January 11 - 9:25pm

Is the aforementioned version 6 any of those two downloads currently available? They seem to have the same file name (and size).

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2019, August 14 - 1:34pm

Hello: I wrote the app. Intel Tiger has a lot of issues with UB installers. What I recommend is to go to Python's website and install directly using the latest compatible installer they have. Then try to install PPCMC. It should bypass the the Python bit and just install all the rest. Honestly, you would do much better to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Since the system doesn't rely on Rosetta, it is just much peppier and everything (including UB/PPC apps) just runs much better.

Minimum91's picture
by Minimum91 - 2019, August 14 - 7:06am

I am trying to install 6.0 on my Intel machine with Tiger installed and keep getting an error saying that it's unable to install an incompatible version of python for Leopard. How can I proceed to fix this?

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2019, May 12 - 2:39pm

UPDATE: Later in the day, youtube-dl re-released the new update and it worked. Doomsday for this app gets kicked down the road a while longer!

Have known this day might come for a while. It looks like the youtube-dl backend may no longer be compatible with Tiger's max version of Python. The revised updater failed today to install and I had to use the roll-back feature to the 04-30-19 version. This has happened once before and a susequent release.worked fine, but there is a very good chance this might be the end of the compatibility once sites change beyond a certain point. For sites like youtube, it could be week or a year. If this is end-game will post a final version with this last youtube-dl compatibility.

dronecatcher's picture
by dronecatcher - 2019, May 2 - 6:40pm

Youtube-dl can fetch the 1080P video but Youtube doesn't provide those files with integral audio anymore - the audio is separate, so you'd have to set parameters to download video plus audio and mux them together, probably in MPlayer.

OpenSourceMac's picture
by OpenSourceMac - 2019, April 23 - 4:06am

Hello. I originally created the app and I just tried two different ways and it just won't let me do it. I think it is LIKELY that 1080 is now only in WebM, or there is some other variable preventing it. If I just say 'Best', that would get 1080 if it's the best, but it also risks getting 4K that the G5 won't be able to handle. Sorry.

Yabe_uke's picture
by Yabe_uke - 2019, April 23 - 2:06am

Hey, sorry to resurrect the thread! I've been using your tool for years now and although I was late to the PPC party back in the day, I've grown absolutely in love with the comunity and their (our?) achievements. I just wanted to asked you one little thing:
I know that most of us have Powerbooks and 720p30 is a great format to not overstress the poor machine. But I stumbled upon a very VERY cheap Quadro FX4500 for my G5 Quad and... Well, is there a way to force 1080p60 download? I know the machine can do it, I've tested my own videos, but I actually don't know if there is a way to change that in PPCMC or if youtube-dl is even able to fetch that!
Sorry for just barging in for a silly question, and thank you tons again for your fantastic job, it makes my PowerPC Macs happy and useful still in 2019 ^w^

Maximum R.I.S.C.'s picture
by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2018, June 16 - 4:12pm

NavyBrat - If I was trucking with a company that compulsively spies on its users (in the service of Fascist/Corporate world domination) the way Microsoft does, I'd probably be distrustful too!

NavyBrat's picture
by NavyBrat - 2018, June 16 - 9:22am

As an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), then I won't.

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2018, June 16 - 6:53am

You and Cameron Kaiser are real true figthers against programated obsolescence, this project open my eyes to the true power of python and its tricks.

Note: if you people wanna save in a specific location, you sould first visualize the video on quicktime, and then, once buffered, tell quicktime to save it as... quicktime itself will prompt you to choose the final location.

Maximum R.I.S.C.'s picture
by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2018, June 15 - 7:27pm

NavyBrat: That was a strange response. If you don't trust the app, don't use it. Dan over at PPC Luddite has been graciously putting it up for me for a long time, and while I'm hoping to get a final version out that addresses the TSP bug, and a few other things, the PPC user base is so low now, we'll have to see (for sure won't likely have the language ports).

I'm not making any money off of this so expecting me to pay web-hosting to give it away for free (and Apple-Signing fees to make it workable with newer Mac systems, as some have asked for) isn't happening. This was a fun, pet project that's been downloaded about 4,000 times world-wide and has been useful to a lot of people. If you can't bring yourself to try it, then so be it. The reality today is the people most likely "out to get you" are actual governments and corporations.

It has consistently been near the top viewed projects over at, showing what can be achieved in Applescript, and I'm very happy that it's helped so many newer coders get into Mac Development. That's enough for me. There's no warranty or guaranty - You use it, you take your chances as it says in the Read Me.

The only way to be 100% sure something is safe is to code it yourself - be my guest!

NavyBrat's picture
by NavyBrat - 2018, June 15 - 5:47pm

Dear Mr. Albrec:

This is a awfully difficult response to write because I applaud such great innovators so much, but being a systems engineer, I'm often suspicious of mysterious applications. PPC Media Center is, on the one hand, an outstanding achievement, but on the other had, not having run it because of my suspicions, I'm nervous about the descriptions of it being described by a third party on PPC Luddite as "a series of Perl scripts for file transfer" and, what appears to be not a true application.

In addition, and I don't mean to be forward, but the lack of a dedicated website for it adds to it. That such an application is just is casually inserted, without a dedicated heading, into the blogging of PPC Luddite with no formal website, without any mention, or more importantly a copyright of who the developer's name is, just makes me all the more nervous. I deeply apologize Mr. Albrec, but in this day and age of all kinds of things that happen on the Internet, I think it's very important to try to be as transparent and solid as possible . Even now, I've had to write this response on this forum as I have never come across a contact email address for you nor have known your developer name. Again, I deeply apologize if I have offended in any way.

This is nor an attack, far from it, but a strong invitation to come out with a website, with a copyright, an email address, with a developer name, so that we can support and champion your great product. As well, as a free product, that just adds one more level of mystery to it. I would so love to use your application and I deeply apologize if I have offended you in any way.

Maximum R.I.S.C.'s picture
by Maximum R.I.S.C. - 2018, June 14 - 3:26pm

Hello: I wrote the app.

What you are trying to do is pretty hard. The save code is in both the app and the bulk downloader and appears in several places. youtube-dl is the scraper but has no effect on the DL location. I recommend checking out the Extras/Goodies folder and taking a peak at the source-code/script. The bundle has to be saved in a special way, but if you want to work on it, I can point you in the right direction in a few places. P.S. Make sure to also get the new updater - as the old one no longer works because of the TLS bug.

ltg's picture
by ltg - 2018, June 14 - 8:52am

Big thank you to the developers who made this happen!

I'm embarrassed to ask, but I'm looking at the documentation ( for changing the config, and I'm not finding "~/.config/youtube-dl/config" when I pasted this in the "Go to the folder" field (Shift-Command-G in the Finder).

I managed to create a "youtube-dl.conf" file in /etc/ by using BBEdit. The contents of the file is:

# Lines starting with # are comments

# Always extract audio

# Do not copy the mtime

# Save all videos under Movies directory in your home directory
-o ~/Movies/%(title)s.%(ext)s

I had to create the file outside the "etc" folder, and then drag it in, after authenticating.

I ran it but the file was still downloaded to the desktop and not my Movies folder.

As you can tell, I'm not well versed at all in this and I am pretty lost at this point. What am I missing? Can someone kindly list the steps to get this custom configuration to take effect when I run PPCMC? I'm on 10.4.11 (on a G4 MDD Dual 1.25).

artphotodude's picture
by artphotodude - 2016, October 8 - 8:10pm

Version 6.5 is Out with Major Refinements of Youtube Playlist / Vimeo Album / Multi-Segmented Video Playback!

Note: Requires previous installation of version 6.0.

artphotodude's picture
by artphotodude - 2016, July 17 - 8:46pm

BTW - in case nobody has run across it, version 6 is up on PPC Luddite and is running perfectly - LOTS of added features. Final Version - should remain useful for a good long time.
Now offering German, Spanish and Italian language-packs too).

256Colors's picture
by 256Colors - 2016, June 5 - 6:30pm

I just saw a post on a few Facebook vintage Mac-Pages that there is a big update coming around Wednesday the 8th.

Just in time, there is more and more of this webm stuff lately - hopefully this will fix it.

e-inquirer's picture
by e-inquirer - 2016, May 19 - 1:37am

NP ... thanks for taking the time to reply! A couple of follow-up questions:

  • I looked over the script [a thing of beauty BTW Smile ] for the app. Do you think I would be able to redirect video streaming to another player (e.g. MPlayer, VLC, etc.) without having to seriously retool the code? The main concern is the qtlink variable, and how well AppleScript plays with non-Apple programs.
  • Any news on v6.0? I checked PPC Luddite, but didn't see anything.


32-bits's picture
by 32-bits - 2016, April 23 - 12:00am

If interested in PPC Media Center 6, visit around April 27th.

Bolkonskij's picture
by Bolkonskij - 2016, April 9 - 12:08pm

Awesome, works like a charm on an iMac G5 running 10.4.11. (once you get the hang of how things work). Thank you !

Woodsy's picture
by Woodsy - 2016, April 6 - 2:44pm

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
For me, the problem isn't playback on my iMac, it's when I'm out and about using my crappy Dell laptop!
Look forward to the solution!

32-bits's picture
by 32-bits - 2016, April 5 - 8:30pm


Am aware of the problem and looking into a solution. There are actually a couple of possibilities. Not sure what your hardware is, but for most G4/G5s of the higher-end, QuickTime will actually play WebM SD (sometimes with some audio 'popping'), once it finishes downloading. So rather than a straight hand-off to QuickTime, am looking at an alternate playback if WebM is detected, that will download it and then tell QuickTime to play it.

Also, FLV is still pretty common, so might wind-up including an alternate-mode that goes for that in the event that WebM is detected. The big issue is HD. For Dual-Core/Processor PPC Macs, HD plays pretty well in MP4, and it is a bit of a drag to give up on that completely. Will have a solution/optional mode figured out soon (about 2 weeks).

In the meantime, downloading will normally allow it to be played in QuickTime if it isn't in HD. For WebM HD, I'd say you have to have a Dual-2.7GHz/Quad 2.5 G5 to have any chance at playing it.

A solution is coming - hang in there!

P.S. Am not a big fan of Leopard, but for those with higher-end hardware that don't mind it, the final version of VLC for 10.5, can easily handle WebM.

Woodsy's picture
by Woodsy - 2016, April 5 - 12:25pm

Hi all,
Having used version 5.0 for ages, my Youtube downloads now appear as .webm. Previously, they were always .mp4. It's a pain as the videos now won't play in Quicktime.
I've downloaded the 5.5 upgrade, but still have the same issue.
Any ideas anyone? Cheers!

32-bits's picture
by 32-bits - 2016, March 20 - 10:10pm

Sorry, took so long to reply. To answer your question - yes can easily be changed to do what you are asking, just make sure your DL destination is always on hand, or the DL will go to a hidden folder with the same name within "Volumes". This sucks.

Also everyone - Version 6.0 is coming in a few weeks with some GREAT New features and will be Universal (supporting 10.4-10.8 Intel/PPC).

e-inquirer's picture
by e-inquirer - 2016, March 14 - 1:00am

Hi, thanks for the app. I was curious if it's possible to set the download location to somewhere besides the desktop? To be more specific, the preference is to save directly to a flash drive rather than to a temp directory on the HD. Convenience aside, this would also help preserve HD space.

Philgood's picture
by Philgood - 2015, November 28 - 9:24pm

It's working...crappy Internet connection probably

Philgood's picture
by Philgood - 2015, November 28 - 8:14pm

It seems broken...damn. It's so annoying that youtube constantly changes the game...

artphotodude's picture
by artphotodude - 2015, November 28 - 7:32pm

TenFourFox's QT option is handy, but doesn't support a number of sites (like Vimeo) that require session cookies. Also, doesn't support multi-segmented videos at all. PPC Media Center doesn't have any of these limitations.

Laurier's picture
by Laurier - 2015, November 10 - 6:09am

YouView have a new version 0.6.1 since september problem is it crash to often with Tiger.
I use PnwYouTube bookmarklet since MacTubes is not working anymore with no updates.
TenFourFox as something similar it play the video in QT not shure if still working !!!

WhosIt.There's picture
by WhosIt.There - 2015, August 12 - 5:54am

On my PowerMac G3 with Mac OS X 10.2, I'm using the website to download YouTube (and others) as MP4. Those won't play in the old version of Quicktime, but they can be converted using FLV Crunch to work (if a little jerkily at times).

artphotodude's picture
by artphotodude - 2015, June 21 - 2:47pm

BTW, for anyone interested, there is a Mavericks/Yosemite version of this too.

G4 User's picture
by G4 User - 2015, June 6 - 8:23am

Life saviour app I have to say for my Power mac G4 Tongue, Previously I was using youview that was working fantastic, but due to youtube upgradation it stopped to work. I was looking for a similar option for that because playing youtube videos on browser was too slow. What to expect on dual 450 mhz .Then I found app PPC Media Center, all the videos work perfectly without any lag or stuttering. Super fantastic (y) .

MadMac's picture
by MadMac - 2015, May 5 - 8:58am

Thank you! thank you! This app seriously ROCKS!