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Poetry in Motion

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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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This CD-ROM is based on a film which director / producer Ron Mann made in the early '80s (Sphinx Productions, 1982). Footage for the movie was taken from a marathon poetry reading at a New Year's benefit night for the Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church Ukrainian Hall in New York City, and at various readings in Toronto.

Mann filmed over 85 poets and had 75 hours of material before he took out the pruning shears. ...It's important to remember that Mann set out with the idea of making a performance film, and not a poetry film - he doesn't intend to interpret poetry. What he chose to include here is based primarily on the criterion of how well the poets performed….

Among the famous on this CD you'll find Beat poets - for instance Gary Snyder, Ed Sanders, William Burroughs, Diane DiPrima, and Allen Ginsberg - as well as stalwarts of the New York school like Ted Berrigan and Kenward Elmslie. Also included among the 24 are Charles Bukowsky, John Cage and Robert Creeley, and there are also some surprises like Michael Ondaatje and Tom Waits. A wild chaotic groan from the Canadian sound-poetry performance group, The Four Horsemen, brings bpNichol into the picture. with Paul Dutton, Steve McCaffery and Raphael Barreto Riveis.

The CD is basically a HyperCard stack with sound added… (from a review by Anne Kellas at The Write

Architecture: 68k

This is a Mac-only CD-ROM.

System requirements:
68020 CPU
SSW 6.0.7
256 colours