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Performa 580 CD Restore Disk (French)

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Year released:
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de (90.57 MB)
MD5: 53a6ee86862836f4977cca0dc31d2053
[www].se [ftp].se [mirror].us [mirror].de
Guides on emulating older applications

Macintosh Performa 580 CD Restore Disk in French language for the Canadian market [mostly Québec]. Different software package and localization than in France.

Disque de restauration en configuration d'usine pour Macintosh Performa 580 CD. Documentation et principales applications en langue française. Édition québécoise.

Software included / Logiciels inclus:

System 7.5.1 [in French]
Apple Font Pack
At Ease F1-2.0.3 [in French]
Claris Organizer 1.0Fv2 [in French]
ClarisWorks 3.0CFv1 [in French]
ClickArt Performa Collection
eWorld 1.0.2P
Kid Works 2 v1.2
MacGallery Clip Art Treasure Pak
Mavis Beacon 2.0.1
Quicken 5
Spectre 1.0.2
The Writing Center 1.05

ISO MD5 checksum = d9b422ff72b827b7649ac0f29ac3fe57

Architecture: 68k

Operating system or original HD disk image can only be installed on a Performa 580 CD or its twin, the LC 580. It may also works on other similar machines in the Macintosh LC 500 series, like the LC 575.

Bundled software can be installed on different machines or emulators but compatibility issues should be resolved on a case-by-case basis.


MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, October 26 - 3:46pm

YW. Wink And of course, nothing is left to chance with Apple. I presume you can see now how it works and the difference with installations of Apple system softwares. Restoring programs just copy files from a disk to another. Whereas Installation programs extract files from archives & write them to the destination drive. I think Apple was performing a complete installation to a drive & then was burning the contents to a CD with all the rest of software just for creating multiple restoration discs for a machine... Smile

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, October 26 - 1:29am

Hi MacTouch. Yes, and thank you. You are perfectly correct. If I was to rename my hard drive to "Disque dur", those aliases would begin to work as they should if I moved the corresponding software to their default locations. Thanks for figuring that out - it becomes obvious for me now
(in hind-sight).

... back in the day I never did own a Mac with Performa software installs - and these days, attempting to install from Performa backups is mostly¹ impossible under emulation because the restore software checks for the presence of hardware disk drives.

¹). Some rarer less common emulators support read/write to physical SCSI HD's - e.g.; Basilisk II build 142

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, October 25 - 1:57pm

Thanks Mike for having looked into others versions. I can now explain why. It's not an error. The application which restore softwares begin to format & rename the destination drive (the internal main hard disk). It's renamed "Disque dur" for the French version (I suppose "Macintosh HD" or "Hard disk" for English versions). Then, the folders are copied to the destination drive. So, finally, all the aliases are valid when finished. I was remembering that the restore CD for my Performa 630 DOS was the same modus operandi. I presume yours has similar working if you own it. Wink

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, October 25 - 12:53am

Hi MacTouch, I've since looked at the 7.5.1 Performa US version release, and exactly the same issue is there as well. It looks like they all got the same (mis)treatment for this release. So maybe its best to accept these in their original form, "warts and all". Wink

MacTouch's picture
by MacTouch - 2018, October 24 - 2:43pm

Hi there,

Seems that aliases need to point to the "Applications" folder in the same place. This could be repaired, but timestamps will not be preserved...

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, October 24 - 5:24am

...probably a mistake done by someone at Apple.

Thanks for the reply, Idéfix.

That's quite likely. I've recently been finding other Apple booboos elsewhere too Sad

To your BTW; There's no way this will happen (at this point in time). The closest we have here to response notifications, is if someone leaves a note in your guestbook and you have set that to notify you by email in your user setup. This may change at some future date but I can't be more specific that that. Only that such options are being considered.

Idéfix's picture
by Idéfix - 2018, October 24 - 4:39am

@ MikeTomTom

Hum, that's odd. To tell you frankly I have never noticed that before. Since there was originally no other restore/installation disk with this one (1), it is safe to assume that this peculiarity is probably a mistake done by someone at Apple.

I could be wrong but it seems that these aliases are not pointing specifically to an elusive hard drive (2). However, all of them have their corresponding folder in the "Application" folder, where it is possible to find some information occasionally. Anyway, don't forget we where still in the "Prehistory", 23 years ago, when software documentation was essentially printed on paper...

* * *

(1) Apart from the usual bundled softwares on CD-ROM like the Grolier Encyclopedia and others.
(2) "L'alias «cossin» ne peut être ouvert car l'élément original est introuvable." The alias "covfefe" can't be opened because the original element is not found.

* * *

BTW, is there any way to get notifications about answers to posts I have done before? On the long term, it would be tedious to check all of them. Thanks for the answer.

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2018, October 24 - 12:21am

Thank you for this addition to the archives, Idéfix.

With the CD-ROM mounted on a desktop; dans le dossier "Documents" (dans le dossier "Fichiers Logiciel système") there are several aliases to folders (that I assume contain info on programs installed by this CD). Unfortunately they point to an unavailable "Disque dur" which it asks for.
Any chance that you know of or can add this disk to this archive, please?