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PassProof Software

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For System 6.x
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PassProof is a computer security system for the Macintosh that was released by Kensington Microware. Separate from the "Apple Security System" of brackets and cables, PassProof aims to secure a system from unauthorized access, hacking, and contamination. It was packed with screw-on security plates in order to block access to the I/O ports on the back of the Mac (both floppy and SCSI), as well as most prominently, a floppy drive lock.

PassProof was available in two versions: "PassProof For Macintosh SE and Mac II right-hand drive" (Model #64060), as well as "PassProof For Macintosh IIc and Mac II left-hand drive" (Model #64061), owing to the differences in physical form of the two drive types. Each retailed for $99.95.

Included with both is the PassProof Software, a simple security program that creates a login prompt when first turning on the Mac, or when disabling the included Quick Cover screen blanking software. (Features such as these are built into modern operating systems, but would have been novel at the time on Macs.) It also logs sign-in and shut down events for later review.

Imaged from original, untouched media, and saved as a Disk Copy 4.2 disk image. Compressed using StuffIt 1.5.1, and encoded as BinHex 4.0. (This copy was originally packaged with Model #64060.)


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Architecture: 68k

"Requires a 1-megabyte Macintosh computer with a hard drive running System 6.0 and Finder 6.0."

Causes an Abnormal Conditions state with Mini vMac.