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Painter 1.2

Painter 1.2's desktop UI & "About" info splash screen
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painter-12-68k.sit (2.08 MB)
MD5: 0d2bb78bc0bc462acbe23768e78cdadd
For System 6.x - Mac OS 8 - 8.1

Fractal Design’s Painter version 1.2, is an early version of this bitmap-based graphics program, which sort to mimic the actions of traditional artists.

The application offers a wide range of traditional artists' materials and tools. With the aid of a graphics tablet or computer mouse, the user is able to reproduce the effect of physical painting and drawing media such as watercolor, oil, chalk, charcoal and color pencil.

Painter was initially developed for the Macintosh system by Mark Zimmer and Tom Hedges, founders of the Fractal Design Corporation. Zimmer and Hedges had previously developed ImageStudio and ColorStudio, both image-editing applications, for Letraset. John Derry joined Zimmer and Hedges during the release cycle of Painter 1.2. Derry had gained previous paint software expertise at Time Arts, a developer of the early desktop-based paint applications Lumena and Oasis.
Excerpt: sourced from Wikipedia

Architecture: 68k

68k will run OK on PPC Mac. For best results; use with a graphics tablet.

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by MikeTomTom - 2020, November 22 - 1:44am

Hi soudesune, I've moved your v2.0 review scans over to the new page for Painter v2.0

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by soudesune - 2015, November 17 - 12:07pm

Review for v2.0 from contemporary magazine (MacFormat — May 1993) added.

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by MikeTomTom - 2012, February 12 - 4:14am

Discovered I had archived a copy of what was originally here, so have uploaded it.

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by TataMisia - 2010, July 2 - 3:03pm

App just disappear. Its normal here.

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by amatecha - 2010, June 30 - 6:00am

Aww link broken! I used to use this app all the time! It was an interesting alternative/competitor to Photoshop. I guess not exactly a competitor... but man, what a cool program! Laughing out loud