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Apple TV 1st generation original firmware 1.0

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OS-dot-DMG_1.0.dmg (197.86 MB)
MD5: 55b909196952ff72c93aaf3553cf661e
For Mac OS X
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This is the original system software for the original (silver) Apple TV. I cannot find this file elsewhere on the Internet; this particular copy comes from a ZIP disk I found in my filing cabinet. I have tested it and it is in fact working on my Apple TV 1st generation.

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)

Apple TV 1st generation


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by Riccardo idea - 2021, January 29 - 5:14pm

I solved by replacing the OS.dmg in the Recovery partition with this .dmg renamed to OS.dmg, so now I can update the Apple TV and when I want I can factory restore it to 1.0 Laughing out loud
I enabled SSH in the Apple TV using an USB patchstick made with ATV USB Creator, then I connected via SSH to the Apple TV using my Mac.
mkdir restore
sudo mount -t hfs /dev/disk0s2 /Volumes/recovery
this way I can access via Cyberduck the files inside the Recovery volume. I tried via Cyberduck to replace the OS.dmg but it won’t let me as I didn’t had read/write access, so still in Terminal:
sudo chmod 777 *
Apparently didn’t worked, I don’t know why but the Apple TV stopped to be accessible via SSH.
So, factory restored the Apple TV, re-enabled SSH, redone with terminal except chmod 777 *, so I tried to see in Cyberduck and I had 777 privileges in the Recovery partition, great!

So, I started to replace: I don’t know if it is needed (I think it is, but not certain) but that’s what I additionally did: by first, I also replaced the kernelcache file (now I don’t recall the name, but it’s in the root of the mounted Volume from this .dmg and his name is an hint). Then I also replaced the files DesktopDB and Desktop DF (can be found in the root of the mounted volume from this dmg).
This EFI file in the Recovery volume was the one from February 2007 but the other 3 files I’ve replaced were from November 2009, so that’s why I replaced them with the 2007 ones from this .dmg. There was a .plist file from 2009 in the Recovery volume, a .plist file that I didn’t found included in this .dmg but I opened it and basing on what I saw I thought that it could have be ok anyway (and so was).
So I re-downloaded the .dmg to have one that I’ve never mounted, renamed in OS.dmg, I changed some permissions via Terminal using:
sudo chmod 664 OS.dmg
sudo chown root:admin OS.dmg
sudo touch -t 200706190000 OS.dmg
and then moved the OS.dmg to the Recovery volume so to replace the OS.dmg from 2009 (3.0.1) with 1.0: rebooted the Apple TV to Apple TV Recovery by holding down ‘Menu + Volume down’ buttons on the Apple Remote, finger crossed, selected the language (the language screen was a bit different with a different order of the languages from the one I previously saw in 3.0.1, that sounded great!) factory restored, set up by selecting language and connecting to an AirPort Extreme and then voilà, the original startup video prior to the Apple TV ‘Take 2’ update was playing <3 I did it <3 I had tears on my eyes Big smile Love

EDIT: typo

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by Riccardo idea - 2021, January 29 - 5:09pm

Oh yes, too long... anyway it works flawlessly! Thanks for having uploaded it!
Now I will be ever able to factory restore to 1.0 booting in the Apple TV Recovery Laughing out loud
And did it without opening the Apple TV, I’ll see how to post here how I did

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by Riccardo idea - 2021, January 29 - 5:01pm

Just trying:
oooof I think the comment with how I solved is too long :/

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by mrdav - 2021, January 28 - 12:33am

Maybe these instructions will work?

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by Riccardo idea - 2021, January 27 - 7:08pm

Can someone please explain how to restore it?
So far I tried (and didn’t work):
• restoring the .dmg into an USB pendrive with Disk Utility (Edit: mounted the .dmg and restored the mounted volume OSBoot into a pendrive USB, with Disk Utility):
- if I plug the Apple TV (with the USB pendrive plugged in) and let it boot, it just boot normally
ignoring the USB pendrive;
- if I hold Menu button + Volume down button on the Apple Remote as soon as I plugged the
Apple TV, with the USB pendrive plugged in, just boot the Apple TV Recovery and if I proceed to
factory restore it, then it just restore the actual version installed;
• convert the dmg into an img file, then restore it to an USB pendrive with ApplePi-Backer:
- same as above;
• using ATV USB Creator for create a patchstick empty partition and then copying the files from the
.dmg mounted volume:
- same as above.
Can it be restore via SSH? If yes, how? Or do we need to open the Apple TV, connect his HDD to the Mac and then restore from them?

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by Riccardo idea - 2021, January 27 - 2:16am

How do you install it?

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by macs1283_2 - 2020, December 16 - 10:42pm

HmmMm @mactheppc

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by MacTheppc - 2020, October 15 - 2:56pm

When I boot this on my MacBook it goes to the Apple logo an then restarts..
On my Mac Mini (from 2007) it hangs on the boot logo.....