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Option-Tab Program Switcher

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MD5: 82c714213b3db479690956b70d068e87
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 8.5 - 8.6
This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

An Keyboard Switch System Extension, enabling keyboard switching between running applications on classic Macintosh desktops.

Very similar in operation to LiteSwitch but with an added advantage of being able to run on SSW 7.0 and later and on 68000 Macintoshes such as the Mac Plus, SE, and Mini vMac, etc...

Option-Tab Program Switcher (OTPS) is a useful little extension which allows you to switch between the running programs on your System 7 or greater Mac via simple "Option-Tab" keystroke. This extension was inspired by Windows. "Whoah!" you say, "Why write Windows functionality for a great machine like the Macintosh?" I use Windows at work and became fond of this functionality (Well, actually, I got so use to it that I found myself doing it on my Mac). So one afternoon I sat down and wrote an system extension to do this.

Excerpt: from the enclosed "ReadMe" doc

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Architecture: 68k

OTPS requires SSW 7.0 or greater.

To install it, just drag the extension to your system folder icon and "drop." then restart the Mac to activate OTPS.

To use, while holding down the Option key, tap the Tab key. A window will appear displaying the next program running. While still holding the Option key, tapping the Tab key again shows the program after that. While the program you want to switch to is selected, let go of the Option key and the program will be brought to the front.

Note - Only tried with Mini vMac and Mini vMac II, here. I assume tho' it will work on other emulators OK.