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On Location

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For System 6.x
This app works with: Mini vMac II

On Location is a file search and volume indexing desk accessory utility for early Macintosh. It bills itself as "The Fastest Way to Find and View Files".

In principle, On Location functions similarly to Mac OS X/macOS's Spotlight and Quick Look, but as a stand-alone program, doing so more than a decade earlier for System 6. It also allows for the copying and editing of text documents, something Quick Look is incapable of.

Using Font/DA Mover (included on the diskette), copy the On Location DA to the System. Then, copy the files "OL Startup", "OL Updater", "OL File Kinds", and the folder "Claris" to the System Folder, and restart the computer. On first launch of the On Location DA, enter your registration info, then create a new index for the startup volume.

A file called "MacLink Plus/Bridge" is included for users of MacLink Plus PC.


Architecture: 68k

System Requirements
Macintosh Plus, SE, Portable, II, or above, with a hard disk, and at least 1MB of RAM. System Software 6.0 or above.

On Location is MultiFinder compatible.

Changes in v1.0.2
According to the provided Read Me, earlier versions required "Claris XTND Runtime" to be present in order to run On Location. This is no longer the case as of v1.0.2, and it was omitted from the installation diskette, though it is still listed in the manual.

Additionally, due to compatibility issues, the Claris translators for WordPerfect and RTF, previously included in the "Claris" folder, were removed. New versions of these translators were to be posted to CompuServe and AppleLink, or users could contact ON Technology directly for new copies. It's unclear if new versions were ever made available.

That said, two additional file translators not mentioned in the manual are included with v1.0.2: "WordPerfect PC 4.2" and "WordPerfect PC 5.0".