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OldHex 3.0

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MD5: 80beb0d580231071077be617e668c01d
For Mac OS X
Guides on emulating older applications

Now freeware!
Years ago Niles Mitchell used to sell a BinHex tool in the Mac App Store called "OldHex". He has not sold any apps in the store for a few years now, but Niles figured he might as well give OldHex away now (Mar 28, 2020) to the community.
He recently updated it as a 64-bit app, and you can either drag the files onto the Classic Mac picture or simply click on it to browse for the files. The Classic Mac startup chime will play when the encoding is done, which will normally be instantaneously, unless you're BinHexing hundreds of files! This is simply a BinHex encoding tool, NOT a compression tool (This isn't StuffIt!) It's useful to preserve the resource fork of old Mac software and files when moving it onto a non-HFS disk or sending it over the internet. The App isn't signed, so you'll have to right click on it and choose "Open" the first time. You can download it here.

Thanks to Niles Mitchell !
We can now send classic Mac files and apps from Mac OS X to Mac OS 7,8,9 via FTP and the resource fork will not be destroyed anymore! Smile

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)


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by MikeatOS9 - 2020, May 1 - 10:18am

On classic Macs .bin files can be easily unpacked with Stuffit Expander.
Of course any data exchange server / client solution can be used.
Many of them are suggested here: