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Network Time

Network Time's Control Panel UI
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networktime2.01.sit_.hqx (209.15 KB)
MD5: 54edb68f0826d411345660db46c5fb41
For System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

Network Time is a control panel which synchronizes your computer clock to a network time server. This is for versions of Macintosh System Software which do not have the built-in network time function under Date & Time.


The older Network Time v. 1.1.1 (uncertain if the newer v2.0.1 fixes this) appears to suffer from a bug described in Technical Note 1067 where it installs a DRVR that can be called asynchronously which calls another driver synchronously. Running Network Time with background resync turned on as a result can periodically result in a system deadlock freeze that Macsbug will show occurring in a routine called “vSyncWait” as described in the tech note. Setting Network Time to sync on startup only will likely prevent this.

See Also: AutoClock, Set Clock, SetDate, Vremya

Architecture: 68k


Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2014, May 3 - 2:28am

Fair enough. Smile

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2014, May 2 - 11:03pm

It was a homemade disk image (creation date 2012) containing just the control panel.

Balrog's picture
by Balrog - 2014, May 2 - 5:40pm

Please keep disk images around especially if they were produced from original media.

Protocol 7's picture
by Protocol 7 - 2014, May 2 - 4:00pm

I replaced the disk image with a regular sit.hqx copy. Great tool especially if you like to keep your Macs battery-less to avoid potential leakage.

vintagegeek's picture
by vintagegeek - 2014, May 2 - 2:50pm

I have a version of this app running on my IIsi and it is great. I donwloaded it a year or so ago from somewhere.

finkmac's picture
by finkmac - 2014, May 1 - 5:05pm

The disk image appears to be corrupt.