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Netscape 0.94b

Netscape 0.94b
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MD5: e457f2950d8eb77c06987f5f17b3284e
For System 7.0 - 7.6

Netscape 0.94b is an early beta version of the venerable Netscape Navigator, and a direct descendant of Mosaic NetScape.



If you are using version 0.90, the name of the Preferences folder and
Preferences file has changed. You need to change the following files inside
your preferences directory:
"Mosaic NetScape™ ƒ" becomes "Netscape ƒ".
"Mosaic NetScape™ Preference" becomes "Netscape Preferences"

Bug fixes since 0.93
- License clicker fits on a 9" screen

- Progress bar for cached data no longer displays incorrect numbers

- Transparent images work in a 24-bit mode.

New features since 0.90 (incomplete list)

- Secure communication. Currently, there is no document describing the
security user interface. You'll notice several user interface
enhancements: security icon in the lower left corner, security color bar,
document info menu item, new pane in preferences, and a number of
warning dialogs when switching between secure and insecure modes. If
you are interested in technical details, you might want to look at the SSL
protocol RFC (

- Fonts are customizable. You can pick a proportional and fixed fonts,
in Preferences:Styles menu.

- Persistent disk cache. Netscape will use disk to cache downloaded
files. This should reduce network traffic, and improve performance,
especially for low-bandwidth users.
By default, Netscape places its disk cache inside its
"Netscape Preferences ƒ:Cache ƒ" folder, and uses 1 Meg of disk space.
You can customize the location and size of the cache in
"Preferences:Directories". We suggest to increase the size of the
cache to between 5 - 20 Meg. If you crash, cache files that are
unknown to Netscape will automatically be deleted next time you
run the application.

Additional tech notes: Each file fetched off the network has an
expiration date, determined by algorithms which vary with protocol.
For HTTP, if the file in the cache has expired, Netscape will use
"If-Modified-Since" request to fetch the document. Therefore, even
if the file is cached on the disk, you might see some network activity.
For servers, smart use of "Expires:" header will make Netscape contact
your server less often.

WARNING: persistent cache will get confused if you are running multiple
versions of Netscape at once. The symptomis that Netscape will load
a file from the cache that does not correspond to the file on the network.

- Async DNS lookup: all DNS lookups are done asynchronously, no more
hangups of your machine.

- Full ISO character set support in forms.

- Better SOCKS support: Netscape will now read socks.conf file out
of its Preferences folder.

- Go to MCOM spinning icon. If you click on the spinning icon, it
will load the MCOM home page.

- Support for "GetURL" Apple Event. Next release of NewsWatcher (after d19)
will be able to use Netscape as a helper application.

Incomplete list of fixed bugs

Directories menu for preferences used to crash if Finder database was
corrupted. Now you will get a warning that you need to rebuild your

You can cut/copy/paste into all text fields.

Abort of DNS lookups sometimes caused all subsequent DNS lookups to

Mailer reversed your name and email address.

News connections are cached.

Saving graphics files viewed internally in Netscape as source
did not work, because Netscape converted carriage returns to

When Netscape was in the background, and poped up a dialog box,
strange things happened. Now Netscape uses notification manager,
like all nice Mac applications.

Text fields now scroll automatically.

Bug that caused incompatibilities with AfterDark 3.0, and various
menu utilities has been fixed.

Bugs we need more feedback on

SLIP/PPP/TIA incompatibilities: Some users have reported crashes when
using Netscape over PPP/SLIP/TIA. Sometimes, setting the minimum
number of connections to 1 fixed this. We'd like to hear all about
your problems, together with detailed description of what software
are you using, and if setting the number of connections to 1 fixes
the problem.

Several users have reported that after using Netscape to read news,
and browse, Norton Utilities would complain that newsrc and
global history files have been corrupted. We have been unable to
reproduce this, and would love to hear a detailed description of
how to reliably reproduce this bug.

Known bugs/incompatibilities

"QL Fax Print" and "Fax Manager".
The extension adds a fax control item in the file menu of the
currently running app. Crashes Netscape when you click on a menu. This might be fixed
in this release.

Microsoft Mail pops up a window in front of Netscape that you
cannot click on?

Architecture: 68k