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Nawcom´s Mod

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Guides on emulating older applications

Macs use EFI, PCs had BIOS.
What if there was a way to create an EFI framework at boot time, to let OSX run on plain PCs?
Several attempts were made to do just that since Apple moved to X86 cpus.
Nawcom did put together a CD to easily install Snow Leo with a retail DVD 10.6.0 or 10.6.3.
The CD also has a patched kernel for "unsupported" cpus and some useful installer packages.
After CD boot, a hardware check is done and all needed packages are installed without user interaction.
With a little luck no post installation is needed and Snow Leo just boots and runs.

The procedure is simple, boot your DualCore or Core2Duo rig from the Mod CD.
As you reach the screen similar to picture 2, exchange the Mod CD for the retail DVD and press F5.
The OSX installer should start.
Some low end Atom or AMD 5000+ rigs did run SL that way too.

The USB mod has the same features. It may be used to create a USB boot stick from the retail DVD.
Useful when you can´t use a DVD-ROM drive.
The downside with USB Mod is, that you need or working Snow Leo to run the procedure.
Nawcom also made a USB mod for GNU/Linux as a tarball, but it seems to be lost.

The third DL is a .pfd from IA where Nawcom described in his blog the procedure about creating a bootable USB thumb drive for Snow Leopard from a GNU/Linux terminal.

In case your Snow Leopard retail DVD became damaged, the Internet Archive is hosting the DVD.

Architecture: x86 (Intel:Mac)