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Mug Shot

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For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6

Mug Shot is a diagnostic aid for programmers and developers of the products you use. If a bug or other glitch should occur while using an application, Mug Shot can be used as a problem description form.

When Mug Shot is launched, you are given the option to Quit or to Dump Info. When Dump Info is clicked, a text file is created in the folder (or disk) from which it was launched called "_Rap Sheet_" (with leading and trailing underlines). Since it is a standard text file, you can use any text editing utility or word processor to add the necessary information (such as your address and problem description).

The information provided by Mug Shot includes the Macintosh Model, processor type, if a Floating Point Processor is available, if Color QuickDraw is available, the keyboard type, the system version number, the Apple Talk version (if running), a list of desk accessories, total memory installed, and a list of CDEVs (control panel devices), INITs (programs that run at start-up time), and FKEYs (Command-Shift-#). The date is also included at the very bottom. For more accurate information, do not run while using MultiFinder.

Mug Shot came about because of reported problems with some of my products. When a problem occurs, I always had to nag the customer for basically all the information listed above. Most of the time the information was not adequate to determine the problem. Now, using Mug Shot, it is automated!

Architecture: 68k