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mountimage-11b3.sit (9.97 KB)
MD5: f21d470007ec93881d779221eebb0a0d
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6
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MountImage_1.2b2.sit (6.18 KB)
MD5: d971ba073e2a7e7a87b84f0e351285b1
For System 1 - 5 - System 7.0 - 7.6

MountImage is an INIT/cdev (Control Panel) which can be used to mount Disk Copy 4.2 image files (400K, 800K & 1.4MB) onto a Macintosh Desktop under System Software 2.0.1 (System version 4.1, Finder version 5.5) and later.

It works under SSW 7.x too, but there is little advantage in using this instead of Disk Copy 6.x under SSW 7.0 and newer Mac OS's, with perhaps one exception, MountImage has no problem mounting 400K MFM Disk Copy 4.2 image files on SSW 7.x systems.

While Disk Copy 6.x cannot run under Macintosh Systems earlier than SSW 7.0, MountImage can. Another software that can also mount Disk Copy 4.2 disk image files on Mac OS's earlier than SSW 7.0 is a registered copy of DiskDup+.

[Top DL]: MountImage vers. 1.1ß3 (1990)
MD5 checksum & filename: f21d470007ec93881d779221eebb0a0d *mountimage-11b3.sit
Imaged as an 800K Disk Copy 4.2 image file compressed as StuffIt 3.6 ".sit" archive (SSW 6 compatible), sourced from Apple Dev CD.

[2nd DL]: MountImage vers. 1.2ß2 (1992)
MD5 checksum & filename: d971ba073e2a7e7a87b84f0e351285b1 *MountImage_1.2b2.sit
Folder compressed as a StuffIt 3.6? ".sit" archive (SSW 6.x compatible)

To install the software once extracted, drag the MountImage icon into your SSW 6 System Folder, or onto your closed 7.x System Folder and restart.

MountImage vers. 1.1ß3 can mount up to four Disk Copy 4.2 image files at one time. The updated MountImage vers. 1.2ß2 can mount up to eight Disk Copy 4.2 image files at one time (see pic 3 above).

To mount a disk image, open the Control Panel, select MountImage, and then click on any of the icons labeled "click me - I'm a disk wannabe". The file selection dialog will come up to let you select which file to use.

When you're done with the mounted disk image, you can either drag its icon to the trash in the Finder or click on the disk icon in the Control Panel to unmount it (see pic 2 above).

Developed and released as freeware by Steve Christensen, who also wrote "Disk Copy 4.2" for Apple and SuperClock! (Apple purchased the rights to SuperClock!'s code and wrote it into the Mac OS "Date & Time" Control Panel from Mac OS 7.5 onwards).

See Also: Copy II Mac | DART | Disk Copy 4.2 | Disk Copy 6 | DiskDup+ | ImageMaster | MungeImage 1.2.0 | ShrinkWrap 2.1 | ShrinkWrap 3.5.1

Architecture: 68k

MountImage may work under earlier Macintosh Systems, I've tested this as working with SSW 2.0.1, 6.0.8, 7.1.1 & 7.6.1 so far.

MountImage will only let you mount image files that reside on a local (i.e., non-network) Macintosh disk.

The disk image files will mount as locked, so that the contents are not corrupted.

[Note]: A serious bug was noted by Chad Magendanz (ShrinkWrap author), where MountImage 1.2ß2 "...can cause data corruption if the original image file is split into more than three fragments when stored on disk. In this case, MountImage can lose track of some data fragments, blindly reading and writing to blocks that may not belong to the image file, which can overwrite and damage other files on your drive. Use of MountImage is highly discouraged, even by Steve."

    Chad was writing about MountImage vers. 1.2ß2 (article in full). - If this bug was present in the earlier MountImage vers. 1.1ß3, it is uncertain. It's worth noting that vers. 1.1ß3 was supplied on all Apple Dev CD's until 1994 without updating it to 1.2ß2. This was prior to Apple's inclusion of the 1st of the new NDIF (Disk Copy 6) disk mounters, as a reliable means to mounting Disk Copy 4.2 floppy disk images onto a desktop.


MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2015, February 22 - 11:02pm

Thanks again, I removed it though, it has no additions like documentation and the earlier one you upped I have tested as working.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2015, February 22 - 10:48pm

MTT, I have uploaded a copy of 1.2b2 from a different archive. It may have more docs...I haven't checked. Just delete the one you don't want, or do anything else with the one you do want (e.g. disc image)

MikeTomTom's picture
by MikeTomTom - 2015, February 22 - 9:43pm

Thanks mrdav, will add to description shortly. The earlier 1.1b3 version was included on Apple Dev CD's from early 1990's to 1994 and was never updated. This one is one I'd not seen before. It doubles the number of mount points from 4 to 8.
Some documentation would be good to find (hidden features?) the description above currently has more copy than what's included with 1.1b3 and none is included with the 1.2b2 copy.

mrdav's picture
by mrdav - 2015, February 22 - 7:48am

Hi MikeTomTom, I just uploaded a later version. Will leave any text modification to you.