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Mono for PPC

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For Mac OS X
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This is the final PPC compatible version of the C# Mono Framework.

Recently the Mono website decided to clean out their older downloads, including their final PPC Mac build. Instead of watching it disappear forever, I decided to upload it here. After all, PowerPC Mac users may still find use for it.

Download also MonoDevelop for PPC

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later, PowerPC only.


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by Jatoba - 2019, August 28 - 1:50pm

Someone on StackOverflow pointed out version 3.0.0 contains PowerPC fixes, so maybe the final PPC-compatible source may be 3.0.0 and later?

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by Jatoba - 2019, May 10 - 7:51am

@Alpha, I believe all the versions' source codes of Mono and MonoDevelop are still available and tagged on GitHub for download. Some Git branches corresponding to various versions are also there. In case anyone wants to try compiling them for PowerPC.

Edit: I also found this:
Although 2.11.4 is the last 2.x version according to that page, the latest source available is for 2.11.1 (the source for 2.11.4 should be there on GitHub, though, as mentioned in my earlier paragraph).

Edit 2: Alright, this is downright suspicious. You were right: the latest tagged release or branch of Mono 2.x versions of the source is for 2.10.12, rather than 2.11.x.
It may be worth checking places out with's WayBack Machine. Hopefully it may pop up somewhere.

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by 3371-Alpha - 2016, July 30 - 9:56pm

It's also worth noting that although the 3.x & later versions require Lion or later to compile, it is said that the final 2.x version is still compilable on PPC Macs. Unfortunately since Mono emptied their repository so suddenly, I wasn't able to download & save it. If someone could upload the source (or better yet, a pre compiled PPC binary) to the final 2.x version, that would be great.

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by Kitchen2010 - 2016, July 12 - 8:49am

Thank you for saving this for the future!