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MD5: abda80ba879aaad1415e16354b5fc3ec
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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MODE32 effectively patches the ROM code in certain models of early 68020 and 68030 Apple Macintosh computers which were advertised by Apple to support 32-bit memory management. Despite the machines' hardware being designed to support 32-bit mode, the lack of a 32-bit Memory Manager in ROM forced these machines to run in 24-bit mode, which crippled these otherwise high-end machines to support only 8 MB of RAM. Prior to licensing MODE32, Apple had been subject to many complaints from individuals over the lack of 32-bit support.

Generally, 32-bit addressing is only needed when large amounts of RAM are needed or when a piece of software requires it. Running non-32-bit-clean software in 32-bit mode on any Macintosh can cause crashes and data corruption. With MODE32 installed, holding down the Esc key on the keyboard as soon as the machine is powered on causes the system to run in 24-bit mode for the current session.

Architecture: 68k

Affected models:
• Macintosh SE/30
• Macintosh II
• Macintosh IIx
• Macintosh IIcx


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by reukiodo - 2018, June 17 - 11:06am

Of course the real solution is to use a ROMinator II SIMM to get a clean 32bit ROM and the bonus of a dedicated 'recovery' boot.