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MockPackage4.3.4.sit (22.55 KB)
MD5: 73b3b255fe6d0805aa6ab1a21237f391
For System 1 - 5
This app works with: Mini vMac

MockPackage+ is actually a rather interesting program. It's an office suite, but rather than being distributed as a single application or suite of applications as one might expect, it is actually 'packaged' as a suite of desk accessories.

The four included desk accessory programs are:

• MockWrite
• MockChart
• MockPrinter
• MockTerminal

MockPackage was originally distributed as shareware (or, as described in the about dialogues, under the "MacHonor™ system"). If you decided to keep one of the DAs, you were asked to send $35 to CE Software, in exchange for a MockPackage user license (including for another DA, EZ-Menu), as well as the most recent available version on disk.

Architecture: 68k