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Mini vMac 3.5 Build Environment

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MD5: 452153b72d5403ac6fbff4fadba7cdc1
This app works with: Basilisk II, Mini vMac II

Building Mini vMac 3.5

How to build Mini vMac 3.5 from source code:
The DL includes Mini vMac II executables for macOS and Windows, ROM, disk image and .pdf instructions.

To build from source, you may use the outdated "MnvM_b35" app located on the System 6 disk image.
Launch the above application. A text editing window will open in which to type in the desired options.
For a simple test, only the "Target" option is required. Type in a line such as:
-t imch
Click into the bottom of the app window to start the build procedure.
A requester will pop up, asking where the source code of your app shall be stored on the host OS.
If only the above option is used, the build system will generate the files needed to compile the standard version of Mini vMac for Mac OS X on Intel using Apple's Xcode 2.4.1 development environment.
Options for other targets, compiling environments and other useful features are listed in the included .pdf.
In any case the source code created must be taken to a matching compiler to create the app/exe finally.

Note: The "MnvM_b35" application can also be run on a real 680x0 Macintosh, or in a different Macintosh 680x0 emulator besides Mini vMac.

The build helper and instructions were taken from Paul C. Pratt's old web pages before the update to Mini vMac 3.6.
Please donate to the maintainer of Mini vMac to keep the project alive.

Architecture: 68k


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by scott Praed - 2019, December 22 - 12:41am

Mini vmac is changing. Here is what of mini vmac 36 variations services (Basic)
Computer to Emulate macintosh 128K, mac 512Ke, mac Plus, mac Se, macSE FDHD, mac Classic, mac II.

OSX- x86-64
OSX-Power PC
Linux-Power PC
FreeBSD on x86-32
FreeBSD on x86-64
NetBSD on x86-32
NetBSD on x86-64
Open Indiana on x86-32
Open Indiana on x86-64
Pocket PC-ARM

OS 9 - Power PC was drop from Mini vmac Variable services.