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Microsoft Encarta '98

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Encarta 98 was a bundled part of Office 98 Gold.

To install and use Microsoft® Encarta® 98 Encyclopedia you need:
• A Power Macintosh® or a Macintosh with a 25Mhz, 68030 or faster processor (includes Macintosh IIci, LCIII, Performa 450 and later models)
• System 7.1 or later
• 16 MB of RAM running system 7.5 or later. 8 MB of RAM running System 7.1
• 43 MB of available hard disk space
• 8 MB of available hard disk space for Microsoft® Encarta® Research Organizer
• Research Organizer requires an additional 3MB of RAM while the encyclopedia is running
• A double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive
• A monitor supporting 256-colors at a 640x480 or higher resolution

as a footnote the included readme also mentioned this regarding ram requirement;
Encarta Encyclopedia needs at least 5 MB of RAM to operate; however, the multimedia components run better if more memory is available. On systems with the minimum recommended 8 MB of RAM, certain encyclopedia features are not be available. For optimum performace, use Encarta Encyclopedia on a system with at least 16 MB of RAM.

original uploader has not confirmed this but it appears that a key may be required so the one on back of the discset provides: X03-51462

mediafile download urls;
disc #1
disc #2
optional disc #3 (Research Organizer, a separate aspect of Encarta)

Architecture: 68k PPC