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Microsoft BookShelf' 94

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Year released:
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Bookshelf_1994.dmg (490.76 MB)
MD5: 0035cb4cb09823fb9e68eb5ecddfb9cb
For System 7.0 - 7.6
Guides on emulating older applications

A reference tool from Microsoft, including a dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, atlas, and other types of references. Some versions were included and integrated with Microsoft Office, albeit sometimes stripped down.

Includes Bookshelf 1994, Microsoft Multimedia Catalog, TeachText

Architecture: 68k PPC

• Any Apple Macintosh Computer that supports a 10-inch or larger monitor (512 x 384
display area or larger) running 256 or more colors
• System 7.0 or later
• 4 MB of random-access memory (RAM)
• 2 MB of available hard-disk space
• CD-ROM drive