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68 - Eine Weltrevolution

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MEDIA68.iso_.sit (518.44 MB)
MD5: f5ae7a1b7bbd592eb7ee26e27ec1f883
For System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9
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This app works with: SheepShaver, Basilisk II,

The 68’s events are reconstructed with a mainly historical and documentary approach. Images and sounds convey the development of political and cultural production of the movement of 1968, numerous information sources allow a further employment with the topic.
A network of interrelations and connections has made a global event of '68. This movement differs from the previous and subsequent political and social conflicts. A period of time, which has left lasting traces and controversial interpretations in all the countries concerned. - translated from’68 – Eine Weltrevolution

SHA-256: 3645274712baeaec512d9afcc97c65615d18dee6b287757b772bbdbd639db2cc MEDIA68.iso.sit

Links: Transnational and Global Perspectives (English) movement of 1968 in Germany between National Revolution und European Identity (English) Buy link:
Il manifesto /media '68 /'68 - Eine Weltrevolution: CD-ROM mit kleinem Textbuch Buy link:
Il manifesto /media '68 /'68 - Eine Weltrevolution: CD-ROM mit kleinem Textbu... (German version)

Architecture: 68k PPC x86 (Windows)

This is a German hybrid CD for PC & Mac.

System requirements Mac:
LC475, Mac OS 7.5 to 9.2.2, QuickTime 2.5 (included on CD)

System requirements PC:
80486/66, Windows 3.1/95, sound card, QuickTime 2.1.1 (included on CD)

Common requirements:
8 MB RAM, 256 colors, 2x CD-ROM drive.