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McSink.sit (115.48 KB)
MD5: 5a3b3ee6159e84b16a8f23f4e4add67d
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
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McSink_4.8.sit (49.25 KB)
MD5: 3c1d5865022a59da25a036f6bcb2686a
For System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6
This app works with: Mini vMac Mini vMac II

McSink is a text editor and desk accessory for the early Macintosh. It was eventually licensed, giving way to the commercial word processor Vantage.

McSink actually existed alongside Vantage, and was updated from time to time by its original author as a shareware product, while still making sure that McSink never surpassed its commercial sibling in functionality, even going so far as to remove some features along the way in order to honor the licensing agreement.

McSink is capable of loading "VCMD" files (external command files written for Vantage, as well as McSink) in order to complete complex tasks, though only one can be loaded per session in McSink. Depending on the VCMD that has been run, output is then loaded as a text document within McSink, which can then be edited and/or saved at the user's leisure

Included in the first download are the following VCMD files: ASCII Codes, Catalog, Compare Files, Copy Icon Grabber, Curly Quotes, Delete Files, File Munger, Hex Icon Grabber, Join Files, Open Files, Sloppy Compare, Sloppy Search, Straight Quotes

DL#1: v7.0A
DL#2: v4.8a (Note: The file in this download named "McSink V4.8" is actually, despite all appearances, a StuffIt archive. Once expanded, a second file named "McSink V4.8 Docs.macwrite" is revealed, which can then be opened normally using MacWrite 5.0.)

Download #1 was sourced from MacGUI. Download #2 was sourced from

Architecture: 68k

To install in System 6, use Font/DA Mover to transfer the desk accessory from its suitcase to the System file. In SSW 7, simply remove the McSink DA from its suitcase.

Despite having a unique creator type ("McSk"), McSink documents will not automatically launch McSink itself, and must be opened manually from within McSink's embedded File menu. However, documents will gain their own icon and be openable natively using the helper application McSink Opener, which was originally provided as a bonus for registered users of McSink.