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McAsm & McLink

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For System 1 - 5
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For System 1 - 5
Guides on emulating older applications

Not to be confused with MacASM.

McAsm and McLink are an assembler and a linker respectively for the Apple Macintosh computer. McAsm is used to assemble source files containing Motorola 68000 assembly language code and pseudo-ops. McAsm can also assemble standard and user-defined resources. McLink is used to combine files produced by McAsm into an executable application program file. McAsm and McLink are useable on a 128K Mac as long as the programs being assembled and linked aren't too large.

Over the next couple of years, this package grew into the considerably more sophisticated McAssembly.


Architecture: 68k

Crashes Mini vMac Plus; launches with a warning in Mini vMac 512K.