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Mathematica 1

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Mathematica_1.22.sit (1.10 MB)
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For System 6.x - Mac OS 9
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Mathematica is a system for doing mathematics with a computer. Symbolic manipulation, graphing, high quality output, and extensibility make this system a choice for physicists, engineers and mathematicians - anyone who must speak math as their vocation's principle language.

Mathematica 1.2 was an update, released in August 1989, for the very first revolutionary v1.0.
It included many bugfixes and improvements (link):
• graphical front end for the Macintosh version
• Support for remote kernels
• Symbolic integration greatly enhanced
• Rudimentary differential equation-solving capabilities with DSolve
• Solving of transcendental and other equations that require explicit use of inverse functions
• Exact interpolating polynomials
• LinearProgramming, ConstrainedMax, and ConstrainedMin added
• MatrixPower and MatrixExp added
• Groebner bases added
• Modulus options added to Det, Inverse, and LinearSolve
• Statistics and Graphics standard packages added
• Many new graphics options and features, including axes and labels for 3D graphics
• Much more efficient multivariate polynomial GCD (greatest common divisor) and factorization

Review of Mathematica 1.x by Richard J. Fateman (link).
The Manual Mathematica: A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer, First Edition is still available at the Publisher's website (link).

The download is version 1.2.2f33 Enhanced, the last known in the 1.x series.

If you have a copy of the very first released version Mathematica 1.0, please do upload it to this page !

See also: Mathematica 2, Mathematica 3, Mathematica 4, Mathematica 5.

Architecture: 68k