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MagiC PC 1.x and 6.x

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This software is still available for purchase
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MagiC PC is an emulator of the Atari ST/TT computer line running the MagiC multitasking TOS-compatible operating system, allowing Atari users to run their software on top of Microsoft Windows.

Several hardware components typical for the Atari ST/TT computers, as blitter and sound chip, are simulated, thus giving MagiC PC a high compatibility with existing Atari ST programs. It support besides the traditional screen resolutions of 640x400 in monochrome mode, 640x200 in 4-color mode and 320x200 in 16-color mode, arbitrarily chosen b/w and color resolutions up to 16 colors.

Additional features:
• Printing using the Centronics and RS-232 interface of the PC is supported.
• use of online and terminal programs through the serial interface of the PC is suported (including over a connected modem).
• file access to disk image container files or to Windows file system (including floppy disk access) is supported.
• optional NVDI system extension supporting 8-, 16-, and 24-bit color screen modes and use of TrueType fonts in Atari programs, accelerated through Windows GDI.

There is also a version for Mac OS named MagiC Mac and Mac OS X named MagiC Mac X.

1st download is the demo version of MagiC PC 1.0 in German.
2nd download is MagiC PC 1.0 in German.
3rd download is MagiC PC 1.2 in German.
4th download is MagiC PC 1.3 in German.
5th download is MagiC PC 6.0 in German.
6th download is the demo version of MagiC PC 6.1.
7th download is the updater to MagiC PC 6.2.
8th download is an archive with some extras for MagiC PC.
9th download is an archive with some extras for MagiC including NVDI 5.

Release history:
1996 - MagiC PC 1.0:
• First released version
• compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT

1997 - MagiC PC 1.2

1998 - MagiC PC 1.3

1998 - MagiC PC 6.0:
• Windows 98 supported

1999 - MagiC PC 6.1:
• Windows ME and Windows 2000 supported

2001 - MagiC PC 6.2:
• Windows XP supported

Links to websites with more information:
Collection of extra files for MagiC PC


• Intel or AMD processor (486 or Pentium class)
• at least 16 MB system memory
• Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP
(speed comparison with real Atari ST/TT computers:
486 processor: speed of Atari ST 8/16 Mhz
Pentium processor with 100 Mhz: speed of Atari TT)


soviet9922's picture
by soviet9922 - 2020, July 31 - 4:25am

here is the full version

themacmeister's picture
by themacmeister - 2015, April 23 - 12:02pm

Did that actually say 180 Euro?


Kitchen2010's picture
by Kitchen2010 - 2015, April 22 - 8:53am

Only the latest version 6.2, that was originally released in 2001, is still sold (link).

This page only has the version 6.0 full version, the last one which supported Windows 98 and is no longer runnable under anything newer than Windows 2000.
The other two downloads are the version 6.1 demo and the updater from 6.1 to 6.2 which are downable at the linked MagiC PC homepage for free.

Mitrokhin's picture
by Mitrokhin - 2015, April 21 - 12:44pm

A german PC program that's still being sold…interesting (?)